Ali and AJ had another play date tonight, and had a blast!! Here are pictures, as well as a few of Ali earlier in the day. . .

Ali looking serious. She learned how to climb up and get down out of this chair all by herself today. . .
So excited!!
Ali found our 3-D glasses from the movie theater, and since she is such a glasses lover, she was immediately attached to them. Doesn’t she look like the academic? Or just plain “baby geek”??
Pretty eyes.
Yay!! AJ has arrived!!Although excited about AJ, there is still time to sit down to a good book.
hmm. . . . a ballplayer and a reader?
Ali taking a rest break.
Sweet girls!!
Ali looks like she’s giving AJ a back massage. . . or hitting her. One or the other.

Giving AJ a hug!
We got out the guitar to entertain the girls. And boy did it work! They loved it!
Ali playing:
AJ very delicately playing:
A duet!!
AJ then started playing “air guitar”. Well, I guess it wasn’t completely air guitar, because she was playing a baseball bat. But she was very good!! She kept rhythm with me. Then she wanted to come up on the couch and sit right next to me so we could play together. Don’t we look like a couple of hippies?

Rest break!
AJ is finally warming up to Oreo. She would barely touch her, and break into squeals and giggles.
. . . aforementioned squeals and giggles.
As usual, the girls had an absolutely wonderful time!!

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