Since I haven’t had too many posts with pictures in the past week, I thought I would share a few.

Here’s Ali sharing her most prized possession with Daddy. . . her glasses. Yes, she’s still obsessed with them. She would wear them all day AND night if I would let her.
Eli comfy on Gramamma’s shoulder after Sunday Lunch.
In case you wondered, this is what our living room looks like for small group. Except that I (the photographer) am holding the youngest. And Ashley seems to have avoided this shot. Oh yeah, and half of our small group couldn’t be there. Just picture this shot, but with twice as many people and kids in it. But the miraculous part is, ALL of these kids go quietly to bed by 8pm, and it’s just us grownups until we all give it up around 11 or 11:30, then everyone wakes their kids up, takes them home, and puts them back to bed. It’s an amazing miracle.

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