I picked up Ali this morning from her glorious weekend at Gramamma and Pop’s. She took a loooong nap to recover from all of her fun, and then we went to an afternoon dinner, and then to the park. I got to play with some of the new features on my new camera. So far, it’s really great! Here are some of the better shots I got today:

This was my favorite picture of the day. I usually don’t like out of focus pictures, but this one caught my eye because she is partially in focus and it was striking:
Playing with the sepia setting:
The vivid colors setting:
Just a regular picture:

Swinging is such joy for Ali!!
On these next two sets, I used the continuous shots feature to take multiple shots at a time as she slid down the slide (which she just started liking again, but still a bit reserved – liked to keep a tight grip on Daddy’s hand!!):

Trying out the big girl slide! but still keeping a hold on Daddy:
A few contemplative shots of her playing on the stairs (her favorite part of the playground – she spend 30 minutes or more just going up and down the stairs, saying under her breath, “upstairs, upstairs”):

We had a wonderful afternoon having our baby back – we had missed her a LOT!!!

3 thoughts on “the park and trying out my new camera

  1. What kind of camera did you get? I am starting to think about getting a new digital camera because ours has the old delayed shutter thing, and you just can’t capture the shots you want with that – especially with babies and little boys!

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