This morning when we left to go to church, Chris carried Ali down to the car, and when he was buckling her in, he realized that she had “smuggled” a very small book from upstairs. Odd, but no problem. About halfway to church, she wanted to hand me the book. She didn’t want it anymore. Odd again. But then, we’re almost to church (of course), and she starts groaning, straining, and turning red. Yup, there’s always a poop on the way to church. Immediately after starting the pooping ritual, she says “book! book pleeeese”, and I realize why she brought her book. She is definitely her father’s child.

4 thoughts on “book

  1. LOL!!!! That is TOO funny!!! It’s hilarious how quickly they pick up on our quirks and habits!

  2. Yes, she definitely takes after her Daddy. She also likes saying “bup” and “tut” (burp and toot). . . .
    And yes, Ann Marie, she does seem to be fine!! Thanks!

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