Can you believe it – I skipped a day of blogging!! Just for you, Gina. ;) You shouldn’t complain so much about my too-often blogging. I can’t help it if I have a very exciting life! Ha! :)

Eli is doing great – I haven’t gotten any new updates or pictures from JC and Lindsay in a couple of days. We need to take donations to get them a small, pocket sized camera so they will quit forgetting to take their fancy-schmancy big camera to the hospital!!! How else will they capture Eli’s every move like we do Ali’s?? ;) Speaking of, I got my new camera in today!! I hope to have a chance to get it up and running this weekend. Back to the Zannis’ – as far as I know, Lindsay has felt fine since they did the blood patch – they are both just exhausted from such a crazy week.
Ali has had a cold this week, and she gave it to Chris and I – such a generous child!! I asked her yesterday morning, “Do you know that you gave Mommy your cold?” and she said “I know.”. I said, “Are you sorry?”, and in her most sincere voice, she said, “I sorrrrry!!!” :) It’s just a “baby cold” though – they’re never that bad of colds when I catch them from her.

Despite her rapidly-disappearing cold, Ali is a Gramamma and Pop’s (and Nick’s!! She talked about Nick all day yesterday) – they wanted her, cold or not!! We left her there last night before small group, and she is staying until tomorrow morning, having all of the adventures that life in the country offers!! Chickens, horses, deer, bunnies, her own little swimming pool, and a Labrador about to have surprise puppies!! (Anybody need a puppy? Half black lab, half nobody-knows-because-Shadow-doesn’t-kiss-and-tell? They’re due next week!! :) And NO, Ali is NOT getting a puppy!!)

Since Ali plays hard and gets dirty in the country and Mom’s not dressing Ali to impress, I never pack her bows to wear in her hair. However, Ali was “helping” me pack her bags yesterday, and when I finished, I asked her “can you think of anything else that I need to pack?”, and she immediately pointed to her bows and said “bows!!!”. Obviously, I packed her bows after that!! She is such a girl – loves everything “pretty”!!

With Ali at Gramamma’s, I am getting lots of work and laundry done today, and this afternoon, I am finally going to get a haircut!! My hair tends to grow quicker than I can keep it trimmed, especially since Ali has to be with someone else for me to get it cut. I measured it this morning, and it has gotten to 25 1/2″!! Too bad Chris doesn’t want me to get it cut short. . . I could make two donations to Locks of Love!! :) That’s ok, though, because I don’t like how I look with short hair. It brings back too many traumatic memories from Junior High.

Tonight, Chris and I are having a DATE!!! First one in a few weeks. We are both very much looking forward to it, colds or not!!

p.s. – Just in case you were wondering, today’s pictures have nothing to do with the post – they are just from a random game of Peek-A-Boo with Ali yesterday.

3 thoughts on “Random facts about the Callahan’s (and the Zannis’) last two days.

  1. I know I started out as an Eli junkie, but I wanted to let you know that I have become an Ali junkie too. Well actually Lindsay started it after Ali was born, she would show me pictures of her new niece. She is so adorable. You are very lucky to have such a cutie-pie. Not many kids would apologize for giving their mommy a cold. I hope you feel better soon.

  2. Aww, thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog! ;)
    I’m not entirely positive she realized what apologizing is, but it sure was cute!!

  3. We have a few new pics now that I’ll send you tomorrow. Too tired to go get the camera right now… I am feelng much much better, but we’re both still really exhausted. It’s tough getting motivated to wake up a couple of times throughout the night to “feed the baby” when the baby isn’t even home yet, but gotta keep the dairy farm crankin’!

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