What’s that??? Slappey-land has been overcome by sadness, stress and anger?!?!!?
Wait. . .what’s that I see? A bird? An airplane? No, It’s Ali!! The Slappey Communications Morale Booster!!!! She’s landing right in the lobby!!!

(cue superhero theme song music) :

“Ali – Superhero Morale Booster!!

Da da da dum!”

Gina’s having an emotional day?
Don’t cry because of T-Mobile! Ali is here!!
uh oh – Mark is stressed and feeling overwhelmed?
Never fear! Ali is here!!!!
Nicole – too many technicians make you angry today?
Time to feel better! Ali is here!

Sue has the look of death?
Happy time! Ali is here!
Kirk – dazed and confused by conflicting programming requests?
Let Ali write the code! She’ll get it done in no time!
Wait! No, Mark!! Don’t kill Gina – being an airhead is not a killing offense!!
Ali steps in and spreads the love!!
That’s right people, Ali is a powerful influence in the Slappey office.

She starts fashion trends. . .

Tames the wild beasts. .
Yes, it’s true – she’s the REAL power behind the big desk!!
If this blog made zero sense to you, click here for a little history on the Slappey Communications Morale Booster.

9 thoughts on “Ali: Superhero Morale Booster

  1. That was super funny! :) I loved it! :) :) I’ll be sure to let email people so they can check it out! :) :)

  2. This is so funny! Not 5 minutes ago I was wondering if Kendall would be a “morale booster” around Brad’s office, then I see this! I love the look that she is giving them in some of the pictures. So cute!

  3. Thanks everyone! I loved her expressions too. She seems totally oblivious to her superhero status, and a bit wierded out by all the goofily smiling people.

  4. Hey Rachel, this is Heather Woosley. Loved your Slappey video. I knew there was really someone else in charge. Just didn’t know that someone was so little. :o)

  5. Thanks for proving that it’s true by not NOTICING that I called you an airhead until your THIRD comment on this post!! :D

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