I was laying in bed a couple of nights ago, about to fall asleep, and had an idea for a giveaway! I quickly scrawled it on a scrap of paper so I could look at it in the morning and determine whether it was a good idea, or it was a completely non-sensical, half dreaming idea. And, it actually still looked good in the morning!! So I am doing a scavenger hunt giveaway. The prize is a good one – a $50 gift Card to Chili’s/Macaroni Grill/On The Border (thankfully out of business – I’ll blog about that another time)/Maggiano’s (don’t think there’s one in B’ham, but there might be one where you are!)!!!!

Now, I really, really, REALLY want all of my readers to enter (if you are reading this blog right now, you qualify as a “reader” – join in the fun!!!), so I decided to have two ways to enter (and you CAN do both to maximize your chances).

1. The simple way: just leave a comment on this blog. Say whatever you want to say or nothing at all. you do not have to be a blogger to comment – just choose the “anonymous” option if you do not have one of the login types. BUT be sure to write your name in your comment if you choose anonymous so that I know who won!! You get one entry into the contest for leaving a comment on this blog.

2. The fun way – you can get up to 12 more entries into the contest by playing my scavenger hunt!! I went through 12 of my friend’s blogs and found facts for you to look up. I even made it easy by giving you the date of the blog in which you can find the answer. All you have to do is click on their name, find that entry, find the answer, and E-MAIL it to me. Please do not post your entries as a comment on this blog, or everyone will cheat off of you!! Email me the answers – as few or as many as you want to look up – and you get one entry per correct answer. My email address is RVZCallahan@aol.com.

I will do a random drawing, and the winner will be announced on June 25th after 12 noon, which should give everyone has a chance to do the scavenger hunt when they have a free moment. If I have your email address, I will email you, but if I don’t, be sure to check my blog on 6/25!!! I will mail the gift card to any US or Canadian address, so my International readers can still play, but you will have to have the prize sent as a gift to someone over here!

OK – here’s the scavenger hunt questions:

1. Which one of Amanda’s children just graduated from Kindergarten? (hint: 5/18/08)

2. How many times is Ann Marie making herself blog per week? (hint: 5/16/08)

3. What is Barkley’s baby’s name? (hint: 5/15/08)

4. How old is Kendall? (hint: 3/21/08)

5. What kind of new workout DVD did Gina get? (hint: 3/25/08)

6. What item does Greta use to gauge Sam’s growth? (hint: 6/5/08)

7. In spite of Jaci’s talent at sports, Mia has gone a different direction. What sport is Jaci into, and what hobby is Mia into? (hint: 5/19/08 & 6/11/08)

8. According to Jarrod, how are men wired? (hint: 6/13/08)

9. What did Harris know before Jennifer did? (hint: 6/4/08)

10. What is Leslie’s due date? (hint: 6/7/08)

11. I’ve been wondering why Rachel G’s youngest son’s name changed through her blog, so I searched her blog to find out why. What are his two names, and why did they change what they were calling him? (hint: 6/27/07)

12. In Rachel J’s blog, she wrote a great analogy about “Structure determining Function”. What was the basic idea? (hint: 5/12/08)

Good luck everyone!!!!!

disclaimer to my blog-friends: Sorry for not asking your permission before linking your blog into mine – I just figured you were like me and liked traffic to your blog. However, if you don’t want all the extra traffic I’m going to be sending to your blog, please email me and I will replace your question with a different one. :)

14 thoughts on “Bloggy Scavenger Hunt: A Contest!

  1. haha…thats fine…but now I will be beholden to even more readers to keep my promise of frequent blogging!

  2. haha…thats fine…but now I will be beholden to even more readers to keep my promise of frequent blogging!

  3. haha…thats fine…but now I will be beholden to even more readers to keep my promise of frequent blogging!

  4. haha…thats fine…but now I will be beholden to even more readers to keep my promise of frequent blogging!

  5. Usually I hate scavenger hunts ( I am not good at them) but I attempted this one and it was fun. I am not sure if my answers are correct it was fun trying to find them.

  6. Great idea for the scavenger hunt. It was fun! And thanks for including my blog in one of your questions!

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