Hey everyone! We went up to UAB tonight to visit Lindsay, JC, and Eli!

Eli is doing great. They do still have him on oxygen just to help his lungs out. But he is quite healthy – I have a video of him showing off his healthy lungs!

It looks like Lindsay will be discharged from UAB on Thursday morning. Eli, of course, will have to stay for a while.

Mom and I got Eli’s bedroom painted today, and hopefully I will get to go over there and put some of his stuff in the room tomorrow to make it look a little more like a baby’s room! Yay! I will try to post some pictures of his room tomorrow.

I don’t have much news at the moment other than the fact that everyone is doing well, but I do have a bunch of pictures and a video for you! Sorry for the long wait for this post – we visited at the hospital for a while, and then it took FOREVER to upload the video.

Eli right after birth last night!

Last night again, pre-oxygen tubing. He’s a long baby – 17 inches!! Long and SKINNY.

JC and Eli today. Look at those toes!!!

Eli wearing JC’s wedding ring.
I tried to find a “perspective” picture of Ali sucking on this type of paci when she was a newborn (to show how teeny he is), but couldn’t find one. I promise that paci is NOT supposed to look so huge!!!
Eli and Daddy.

Here’s the promised video. Warning – he is screaming the whole time – but that’s a good thing! He has healthy lungs! The nurse was shifting his blankets and such, and she explained that he is extremely sensitive to touch because his nerve endings are so young.

That’s the post for today!! I hope it was worth the wait!

3 thoughts on “Today’s Update on Eli

  1. Those are great pics. I LOVED the video! His crying was a great sound to hear. Tell JC & Lindsey congrats for me.

  2. He is adorable. Thank you for keeping us updated. It is great to hear that his lungs are so strong. Give Lindsay and JC a hug for me.

    Leanna McClellan

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