For those of you who haven’t checked since last night, my full update, pictures, etc is in the post below. However,since I had 350 hits on my blog yesterday, most of which were looking for updates on Eli, I decided to post the other video that Chris took last night. It’s only for the true Eli junkies, as it is over a minute of Eli doing. . .not much of anything. :) But I know some of you will want to see it, so here it is!!

7 thoughts on “Bonus Video

  1. I’ll admit I’m an Eli-junkie. Thanks for posting all of the Zannis baby news and photos. It is great to see that everyone is doing well.

    Best, Kristine Hankins
    (UF friend of JC & Lindsay)

  2. Count me in on the Eli junkie crew! Thanks for keeping those of us at a distance up to date!


  3. Could both of you see the video? It seems like it was up this morning, and now it’s a blank box. I am in the process of re-uploading it, but it takes forever.

  4. I am an Eli Junkie too..he is so cute and I just have to say again thank you for keeping us updated. I love your blog by the way.


  5. Thanks so much to all of you! I’m glad you’re enjoying it, and I’m glad to be of help.

  6. Rachel,
    Your blog is a work of art. I have read some of the parts that weren’t intended for Eli-junkies, of which I am definitely one, and feel as though I know you. Loved the ‘driver’ stories today. And I must tell you that Ali is a real little beauty. She and Eli should be the best of friends.

    Thanks for putting Eli news up and making it available to those of us who can only love him from afar.
    Ann Fitzmorris
    Lindsay’s UF carpool buddy

  7. Ann,
    Thanks so much! I’m glad that I can help with the Eli updates, and it’s also nice to get feedback on the rest of my blog :) I’m glad you’re enjoying it.
    Lindsay is so glad to know that all of you are checking up on her!

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