OK – I’m back from the hospital, and all is good! The picture doesn’t really show how unbelievably teeny he is because the nurse’s arm is so far away from him, but if you’ll look closely, there is the head of a blue suction bulb (partially covered by the blanket) right next to his head, and it’s the same size. However, he is by far the biggest baby in NICU, and the only one not on oxygen or in a plastic box. He was breathing kind of rough, but they said it was perfectly fine, but that they would probably put him on a C-PAP overnight to help him get oxygen. He was asleep when I visited with him, but he yawned, rubbed his eyes, thrashed around – normal baby stuff. He is so ADORABLE!!! They said that he will be fine!
Lindsay is doing great – it was a very quick and easy delivery for her.
Both JC and Lindsay are amazingly calm, considering their sudden change of plans and seven-week-early-parenthood surprise!
Mom and I will be painting Eli’s room and getting it set up tomorrow! :) Pictures to follow later.
I’ll try to get some better quality pictures of Eli tomorrow – I had to sneak a couple with my phone, which is why they are not so great.
Still be praying for JC, Lindsay and Eli!

3 thoughts on “last update for the night

  1. Congratulations on the birth of your nephew. He is so cute – can’t wait to meet him.

    I will be praying for Lindsay and J.C. I know what they’re going to face with having a preemie. So glad he’s out and doing fine – PTL!

    Laura Atkins

  2. Hi Rachel,

    I am a friend of Lindsay’s from Gainesville and she told me about your blog, and that you might have a picture of Eli. when she called me this morning I was in shock to hear that Eli was here. I am glad that everything is fine.

    Congratulations on your nephew! Thank you for posting the picture.

    Leanna McClellan

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