Who knew that all you had to do was ask for advice of all things, and NO ONE would comment on your blog?? I mean, not even a comment about the videos or anything!! I thought everyone liked giving advice!! Since you guys were no help, I had to do all the research myself.

Just kidding. :) I love you all anyway. And everybody knows that High “C” personalities have to do their own research to be happy with their choice.
Anyway, I ordered my camera today!! It’s a Canon SD 950 IS. After reading tons of reviews, it just seems like Canons do better in the “little” camera department, and Nikons do better in the “big” ones. I hope it will be great; it looks like it will be!! I like all the features, and it seems to be high quality, for not being one of the “big” cameras. I’m sure I won’t be taking pro pictures, but they’ll be better anyway! I should have some pictures off of it in a couple of weeks for comparison!!

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