Eli-Junkies – the two posts below this one have updates on and pictures of Eli. However, I need all the advice I can get regarding the camera question towards the end of this post. If you have any input, please help me!

I wrote a few days ago about Chris telling Ali that her (dirty) diapers “ROARED” like Tigers. Here is a video of her going through a few of her animal sounds, including the “diaper”. It’s in the car, because that’s the place she likes doing them best (she is captive and focused) :)

But right after I finished the video, I realized that I left off my current favorite animal “noise” – the fishie. So I thought I’d start over. And I learned a new rule – kids will only do it once – if you’re lucky – while you’re videoing them. Ali totally balked on the diaper punchline, which to me anyway, makes it pretty funny.

And yes, I’m still using my camera to do videos. It’s just so handy! It’s not like I can carry around the camcorder in my purse. . .speaking of cameras, I need some advice. I have camera fever for one that takes better pictures. HOWEVER, it still MUST still be one of the ultra small cameras. As you can tell from my blog, I photograph everything, and I don’t plan on carrying around a huge, bulky camera bag. Sooo. . . I want to get a new camera that will take as close to the quality of pictures that the huge ones take, but without the bulk. I have always heard that Nikons are the best, but then when I was looking at reviews, they didn’t even rank in the small camera category. I Currently have a Sony Cybershot 6 mp. It is 3 years old. It does ok, but I really want more crisp pictures. Is it even possible to get ultra good photography in an ultra small camera? Does anyone have any input, suggestions, or camera commentary? What should I look for? Please help!!!!

p.s. – for the record, I was NOT driving while filming these videos. Seems pretty obvious to me, but I didn’t want there to be any question about it!

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  1. Yes I am hoping that if I am baby sitting my future nephew/niece I don’t have to deal with a roaring diaper.

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