JC just emailed me:

Eli’s doing great, we saw him this morning and Lindsay went over at lunch. He’s off the IV and is on “full feed;” that is, he is getting all of his calories from milk. The nurses keep telling us how amazed they are at his appetite. He eats every three hours, but the nurses say he wakes up about ten minutes before feeding time and starts crying.Last night after eating the 23 CCs they’re giving him, he kept looking around for more.Lindsay, however, is still not feeling well. She’s going in to have the blood patch done this afternoon. Hopefully it will go smoothly and will be the instant fix they have suggested.

That means Eli is almost taking a whole ounce of milk at every feeding! Yay!

Please be praying for Lindsay tonight! Pray that they get a better anesthesiologist than the one that botched it in the first place, and that they would be able to perform the procedure with no trouble, and that this would immediately solve her headaches!
Thanks, guys!

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