Spring weekends are so fun – it’s when the weather is JUST right for getting outside and enjoying the beautiful new colors. We’ve had lots of fun biking and going to the zoo and all sorts of things the past two weekends. I’m not back to my full blogging self yet, so here are our last two weekends in pictures (besides the spend-the-night party / zoo, of which of course has its own blog). Hopefully, something more bloggable will happen tomorrow!!! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the pics!

Ali enjoying the pool at Gramamma’s – she conned my Mom into letting her stay “oudi” (outside) ALL day long.

Learning to splish splash! Such fun! Ali last Sunday all dressed up in her new dress from Great Aunt Linda

Exhausted, Ali ate her whole dinner laying down. A true sign of a fun weekend!
This weekend – some of my second cousins playing in my Granddad’s Model T – Dad was giving rides and driving lessons. I actually learned to drive it when I was 5 and soloed driving when I was 6 or 7. Only problem – it really confused me when I learned how to drive a real car, because there was no reverse pedal, and the gas controls weren’t on the steering wheel.We took Ali on her second bike ride yesterday – her helmet is forward facing this time – she loved it! She liked holding onto the handlebars to help Daddy steer.
Long bike ride – much need for water!!! I thought this would make a great Cahaba Cycles ad.
After our bike ride, we went to Guthrie’s. Ali L-O-V-E-S to dip her food (taking after Aunt Lindsay, of course), and so made a complete Guthrie’s sauce mess of herself by the time she was done, but thoroughly enjoyed it. Notice the piece of chicken in her left hand? I think it had been dipped about 10 times – she was marinating, not dipping!!
Well, that sums up our fun for the weekend. I have a couple of new weekend projects waiting in the wings for life to slow down a bit – such as finger painting!! And sidewalk chalk!! And a baby-pool-fountain-squirter thingy!! More excitement to come. Toddlers are so much fun!!

3 thoughts on “spring in alabama

  1. that is the coolest bike seat ever!!! i need to know more about it…

    my daughter likes to ‘marinate’ her food too! :-)

  2. She’s the cutest ever! I can’t wait to get baby pool pics of her and Eli together next summer :).

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