I don’t remember the last time I’ve gone on a Girl’s Nite Out, but I did last night! I went out with 6 friends last night to The Melting Pot for the first time ever – wow what an experience!! I would have been totally lost looking at their menu had one of the girls not known what we were supposed to do. It was by far the longest meal I’ve ever eaten – it took over three hours!

It started with a cheese course – we had two different cheese fondues – Cheddar and Spinach Artichoke – and they gave us big bowls of bread, apples, and vegetables to dip in it. She actually made the cheese fondues at our table, with broth, garlic, cheese, pepper, worcestershire, etc. It was fascinating!! I liked the bread best, but I tried the apples in cheese, and surprisingly it was pretty good!!

The second course were salads – they were not “fondued” in anything. :)

Then we had our meat course – she brought us out two pots of boiling broth, and a plate with raw chicken, steak, steak teriyaki, salmon, and shrimp, and we stuck our meats in the broth for 2 minutes to cook them (kind of ironic that 6 moms went out to a restaurant where we had to cook our own food, but it was fun!). There were also 6 different dipping sauces for the meats – any kind of sauce you could ever want! The meat was delicious – especially the steak if you DIDN’T cook it as long as you were supposed to ;).

The third course was by far the best. Dessert. She brought us out two melted pots of chocolate – one was white and dark chocolate, and the other was milk. And to go in it – the most magnificent plates of cheesecake, brownies, pound cake, marshmallows, rice krispy treats, bananas, and strawberries. MMMMM.

It was a wonderful night of girl talk and laughing. It was awesome! And it was the perfect night for me to go out also, because there were two states that had their primaries yesterday, and Chris has been as obsessed as I have been bored by all of the election drama this year. It’s kinda like a boy soap opera. So after Ali went to bed half an hour after I left, Chris got to indulge in watching every little bit of election coverage he could find (while he worked – he’s still getting caught up from last week, poor guy).

I can’t wait to take Chris back there – I really think he would love it – sauces and dips galore!!! Ali would love it too since she LOVES dipping food, but THAT’S not going to happen – 3 hour meals and hot burners are not anywhere that you should take a kid under, say, 12 years old? :)
On a random note, I hit my head on the car yesterday (I know, I’m so graceful) and I woke up with a huge knot in the middle of my forehead this morning, and WOW it is tender! It looks like a huge swollen zit. Nice.

3 thoughts on “Girl’s Nite Out!

  1. man i wish i couldve gone last night! i LOVE the Melting Pot!!
    sounds like yall had fun! :)

  2. I had a blast too! I’m so glad we did it and will have to do it again some time.

    Let me know if you hear anything about the nursery this Sunday since we won’t be there:) I think the whole “firm” walking thing is sort of silly. They should get to move up around a year!

  3. Can’t say I’m in agreement on the MP. Sorry. While I would definitely go back for the chocolate/dessrt, I’ll never eat a meal there again. I got soooooooooo HORRIBLY sick!

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