I had a bunch of heavy, long-winded posts last week, so I was in the mood for something a little more light, with just fun pictures.

A month ago when I was going through my baby album looking for a 15 month photo of myself to post next to Ali, I noticed that there were a lot of pictures of me doing things that I had pictures of Ali doing. Now that could be because Ali and I like the same things and looked alike when we were babies, or it could be because we have about 8000 pictures of Ali’s 16 months. You be the judge. Anyway, here were some of my favorite similar pictures.

Ali and I with pigtails:
Scrunching up our noses:

Enjoying our rocking chairs:

. . .and our first chocolate bunnies:

And kissing our babies:

5 thoughts on “like mommy, like daughter

  1. Ali is just too cute! I love the scrunched up nose! I voted for your pic in the contest..hope you win! ~A

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