For all the Eli-Junkies out there, I owe an apology because I have no new pictures tonight – we scheduled our visit badly so that we couldn’t go see Eli due to visiting hours. :( Sorry. However, Blogger got their video problems worked out, and if you couldn’t see the videos earlier, they are back working again now.

Not too much news – Eli is doing very well, they have decreased his oxygen, which is a good thing. He is less labored in his breathing. Lindsay gets to go home tomorrow.

However, today Eli has enjoyed being touched by JC and Lindsay – he doesn’t like to have his skin rubbed, but he loves to be lightly patted or touched. He also started grabbing and holding onto their fingers, and tightening his grip when they try to pull away. He also starts to whimper when they take their hand off of him. So cute!!

For my non-Eli-readers, we are doing well – we are starting to hit the exhaustion phase – it seems like my parents hit it yesterday and Lindsay’s the day before, and JC and Lindsay go back and forth between calm and exhaustion, and so I kept wondering why I hadn’t hit it yet, but today I’ve been drained. Life seems like Sim City lately – if you ever played it, you should remember that you could just play the game, build up your city and build up wealth, or you could “inflict” disasters on your city and have to rebuild over and over. I never liked the disaster setting – I like things nice and peaceful. Our life had been very peaceful for about 10 months or so until the middle of April – then all of a sudden Kitty and Leo moved to the beach and I started working for E&A as well as my current job (all from home, of course) and Chris’ increased responsibilities, then the horrible nightmare of James’ Death and all that went with it, then my terrible stomach virus that ended me up in the ER, a wreck, Chris having to work till midnight a few nights a week for a few weeks due to the backed up deadlines because to James’ death, planning and hosting Lindsay’s baby tea, then Eli’s early and unexpected arrival. Obviously, not all of these are disasters, but it just seems like one big event after the other keeps happening, and every time we think life is about to slow down, it spirals even more out of control. It all kind of piled up on me today and overwhelmed me. So, whoever keeps hitting the “random disaster” button on our Sim Life, please quit already!! In all seriousness though, I am so glad to know that God really is in control in spite of it feeling like life is out of control. It really is so comforting and gives me hope to make it through all the craziness! Plus, I keep remembering that our life is not nearly as overwhelming as Ashlie’s, or as JC and Lindsay’s right now. We can dooo eeet!!!

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