Gotta love the simple answers sometimes. After letting my computer try to re-upload the videos for a couple of hours, I finally had a eureka and went to the blogger help page. First note on there? They are having video issues. Ah well.

Here’s the pictures of the nursery in progress. I will go back over there when Ali wakes up from her nap and do a little more so it looks like a nursery when Lindsay and JC come home tomorrow!

We’ve been talking to Ali about Eli for a long time, especially when we were planning for the tea and had the house decorated, and had presents and stuff out for Eli. She would point to them and say “EEE!!”, and she knew that they weren’t hers, but I don’t know that she fully understood the “Eli” concept. However, this morning I sat her in my lap and showed her pictures of Eli, and she pointed excitedly and said “baby!!”. I explained that it was Eli, and she said “Baby EEE!!!”. I showed her the video of him crying, and she didn’t like that – she didn’t want Eli to cry! She’s definitely getting the concept of Baby Eli.

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