JC just emailed me and asked me to post this update:

We were in the NICU with Eli as the doctor was making rounds. He was the same doctor that was in the delivery room Monday night, and we were able to talk with him for a few minutes. He assured us that Eli was progressing perfectly. While this was not what we would consider the “normal” path for a baby to take, so far Eli has been a textbook case for what they would like to see. The doctor said that we could hold him soon and that they expect to start him on milk either tonight or in the morning. He said that Eli meets all the criteria to graduate to the CCN (continuing care nursery), but they will probably keep him in NICU for a few more days to make sure he continues to progress like they would like. He emphasized that this has been a textbook case and that “we know how these babies turn out.” It was a very
encouraging conversation.Lindsay’s BP was back up a little bit tonight, but they still expect her to be discharged around lunchtime tomorrow. We took a few pictures and will try to get them to you soon, but we both need to get some sleep.

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  1. My name is Charis Goodson. I am Lindsay’s step sister (sort-of.) I just want to say, that I am so glad that you all are able to be there for Lindsay, JC, and Eli during this time. Thank you for all of your pictures, videos and updates. Tell Lindsay and JC that we are praying for them and baby Eli and know that God’s hand is upon them.

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