Greta, unlike me, who let my 100th blog pass last week without much fanfare, is holding a contest in honor of her 100th blog – yay Greta! So, to enter her contest, and to (hopefully) entertain you, my readers, here are 20 things I would never do. Actually, that’s a dangerous phrase – no need to jinx myself. Let’s rename this to:

20 things I can’t imagine myself ever doing:

1. Want to be featured on an episode of “Kids By The Dozen” on TLC.

2. Move away from Birmingham (luckily for me, I’m sure this would show up on Chris’ list of 20 things he’d never do also).

3. Get a tattoo. That’s my Dad’s fault. He brainwashed me. But that’s ok. I don’t mind.

4. Live without Excel. Oh, what a difficult life that would be!

5. Enjoy being away from Chris, even for a little while.

6. Not having my one and only illogical fear: roaches. But hey, it’d be great to be cured of this one.

7. Enjoy the days getting shorter in the Fall/Winter. The misery!

8. Not having a cell phone.

9. Not having a cell phone that could access my email anytime, anywhere. It’s amazing the luxuries you get used to and “can’t live without”.

10. Go a month without reconciling my checking account (OK – I admit it – I actually reconcile it weekly when I “do the budget”).

11. Go a month without taking a picture of Ali. However, surely this will happen when she is a teenager. I’m certain she won’t want to pose for pictures like she does now.

12. Not be involved in Ministry of some sort.

13. Love anyone more than Chris (except God, of course).

14. Look at a plate of mashed potatoes and say, “You know, I don’t really care for starches.”

15. WANT to move, ever, ever again.

16. Walk by my computer and hope I don’t have any new email.

17. Not get a huge thrill about getting a good bargain. Or be able to feel good about paying full price.

18. Drink diet drinks or quit absolutely LOVING fountain cokes. MMMMM.

19. Say a word while burping. And, Chris isn’t allowed to either. I put up with a lot when it comes to bodily functions, with good humor even, but don’t say a word while burping. Even if they did do away with my favorite department store and name it a word that sounds like “belch”, you can’t say it during a belch (Chris thought that it should surely be an exception. It’s not).

20. Not absolutely loving it when people tell me that they read (and even enjoy!!) my blog!

What’s one thing you would never do? Or, never imagine yourself doing? Be sure to leave it on Greta’s contest too!!

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