I know, the title of my blog today just proves that I can grasp for objectivity in everything, right? As most of you know, Ashley, and Lydia and I lead a LifeGroup at church of 5 fifteen year old girls that we meet with on Sunday nights. Tonight, we were only able to have one girl come, so I was trying to decide something that we could do that would be a good thing to do with three against one odds. :) I was thinking along the lines of talking about spiritual highs and lows and the events in our lives that have precipitated each, and God gave me a fun idea – charting our spiritual journeys. I ran into Staples and bought pencils and graph paper (I do love some graph paper! But these days I really use more Excel more than graph paper). I explained my idea, and since they didn’t say “that’s a terrible idea!”, we did it!! We all took a little while and very anal-retentively drew our graphs (using extra pieces of paper to ensure that we had straight lines, of course) and wrote little snippets on each point of the graph as to what precipitated that particular high or low. Then once we finished, we each (all three leaders and our one lifegrouper) went around the table and basically outlined our whole spiritual journey. It was so fun! We learned so much about each other, we were able to pick up on trends among the four of us, we were able to glean some understanding about how a lot of our spiritual highs were precipitated by trials of some sort in our lives and how turning to God resulted in a huge revival in our lives, and we were able to see how having people in our lives that we were helping spiritually definitely created spiritual revivals for ourselves as well.

Obviously, I blurred my snippets on purpose (no need to share my spiritual graph with the WHOLE world), but hopefully the idea translated well enough through the picture to get the idea. If you’re wanting to see your spiritual growth in a more big picture view, try it! It’s really fun, challenging, a great way to relive memories of awesome times of relationship with God, and a great deep conversation starter.

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  1. Way cool! I think that we need to do that on a Thursday night (If I am ever in town on a Thursday night again!)

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