disclaimer: this blog has to do with hair. If that sounds boring to you, just don’t read it. That way you don’t have to complain to me about my girly post. You know who you are. =)

So I’ve really been wanting to do something different with my hair lately. I’m just bored with it, but don’t have enough time or inclination to start styling it differently or very complicated. I can’t get it cut short, because a) Chris loves it long and wouldn’t like me to cut it (much), and b) me with short hair looks awkward-seventh-grade-ish. I think it probably doesn’t, but the last time I had my hair really short was when I was an awkward seventh grader, so I think I just have very unpleasant flashbacks. I don’t want to get it colored, because I’ve never colored it, and I’m WAY too practical/cheap – with my time and my money – to go get it touched up every 6 weeks. So I finally decided that I might like to get another perm or body wave.

I have had a few before, and I like how I look with wavy hair, and I like having the versitility of leaving it as is and having wavy hair or straightening it. So I stopped by my salon today to find out what the girls who cut my hair thought about that (before I scheduled the appointment and they refused to take the 10 hours it would take to perm my hair. Ok, maybe not 10 hours, but every time I’ve gotten it done, by the time the hairdresser finished, they never wanted to see me again.).

I have two girls that cut my hair – Shannon and Meaghan – and they both happened to be there at side by side stations, so I got to talk to both of them. Meaghan was finishing up someone’s hair, so Shannon talked to me first. Shannon has long, dark, shiny hair, and she was immediately opposed to the idea. She said it would make my hair lose its shine, it would look bad when it was growing out, and that I would have to put a ton of product in it to make it look decent. So she’d about convinced me that it was a terrible idea, and then she took over drying Meaghan’s client’s hair so Meaghan could have her say. Meaghan has short, bleached, blonde hair. Meaghan immediately said that she thought it would be a fun idea, that it would look great as long as I obeyed her care instructions, that it wouldn’t look bad growing out, that it wouldn’t lose it’s shine, and she was totally behind it. AHH!

So I left more confused than ever. I suppose I should give more credence to the hairdresser with hair more like mine, but at the same time, I really am bored with my hair and want to do something new. Plus, I’ve gotten body waves before and have really loved them (until about a year into them, then I want them to go away). I haven’t set an appointment yet, I’m going to think about it.

Any opinions anyone? I need help!!!!

4 thoughts on “hair boredom

  1. So, I’m where you are. :) I’d really like to have another body wave. I’ve seriously thought about getting one. My aunt told me not to do it because my hair would lose it’s shine, yet I got more compliments on my hair back when I used to keep body waves in it. :). So I say do it. :) I’m going to get mine done sooner or later, I thought about letting my bangs grow out first, but that’s pretty impossible to do right now so I might just get it done with the bangs and hope for the best. :) haha. :)

    But honestly, I like your hair both ways. :) I love it curly, and I love it straight. :) I love my hair both ways too.

    I agree that it gets frustrating after having it for a long time. The thing with straight hair is you can just wash it and go, and not have to worry about fixing it at all.

    But then if you have curly hair, you could wash it scrunch it and go, and not have to do much maintenance also.

    So either way is good. On myself, I’d rather have the perm, on you, I like both. :)

    I’m probably not being much help.

    You know, we could schedule back to back appointments to get our hair permed and the hairdresser would have a FIT. :) LOL. :) It’d be funny though. :)

  2. I don’t know Rach! I get mad at myself every time I get “bored” with my hair…Your hair is BEAUTIFUL! I was oooing over it when you were here. However, I DO understand and your hair DOES look really great with a body wave in it, but that is the most I would do to change it up. That way you can do whatever you want with it…straight, wavy, curly. Lots of options there. DEFINITELY listen to the girl who has the longer hair. I have someone with long hair doing mine now because people with short hair seem to be more up for anything and that is bad,bad,bad when you are in these boredom phases!!! Trust me, you know I know!!! So, I’m with you on the Body Wave…Do it. I’m with Chris on cutting it “short”er…Don’t do it, it’s too pretty! B

  3. Or you could have another baby and let the hormones work their magic. After having my third baby, I was sick of my long, thick hair that I didn’t have time to do anything with. I considered getting a perm, but instead opted for getting it shortened with some layers. Well, much to my surprise, when my hairdresser cut it, it had it’s own body wave/curl! And I am loving it! It takes hardly any time for me to fix now. How good of God to give me the hair that I need with 3 little ones to take care of!

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