Something happened today that made me feel like a Mom. Not a Mommy, which is what I feel like most days, but a MOM. In my mind, a Mommy is when you have a baby, and you are cuddling and loving on your baby, taking care of and teaching the baby new things, etc – not too much hard core “Mom” stuff yet. A Mom seems somehow older and more mature (because I’m obviously not old enough to be a Mom, right???), having children rather than babies – how we all remember our Moms from when we were growing up.

We were in the check out line at Wal-Mart, and something happened for the first time ever that I am sure will happen a million more times before Ali grows up. There were little bags of potato chips and candy at the checkout line, and Ali saw the chips, pointed, looked at me and said “crocker, teese. . . crocker, teese” (translation – “cracker, please”). She actually was very sweet and non-demanding about it, and when I told her “no, baby, not now”, she didn’t protest – she just waited about 10 seconds, pointed, looked at me and said “crocker, teese. . . crocker, teese”. We did that about 4 times before we got up to pay, but she never did get any more demanding than she started out. It was actually very adorable. It just struck me as a momentous occasion – the first of many times that my child (no longer seeming like a baby for a minute) begged for goodies at the checkout line.

On an unrelated note, Pastor Walls’ sermon yesterday was EXCEPTIONALLY amazing. It was very convicting yet encouraging. It amazes me how me can do that. If you missed it, I highly recommend downloading it. I missed the two weeks leading up to this one, so I’ve GOT to download those and get the intro to yesterday’s message.

3 thoughts on “feeling like a mom

  1. Just wait till she’s running around stores and making messes of the toys she sees. While she’s begging you to have one. That’ll be fun. :) :)

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