Well, I’m sure y’all remember my “spa” trip to the dentist, right? If not, go refresh yourselves and see if it sounds like something you would find fun and relaxing, or at least needed, or just plain “indulgent” (as Simon says) like me. If it sounds fun, we got ANOTHER mailer from them, and this time the free offer was a completely free dental visit, including all of their new-fangled digital x-rays, massage chair and warm blankets and cool eye pads and all ($260 value, according to them!!). If ya want it, you are welcome to it! Just comment back that you would like it, and I will mail it to you (or give it to you if I see you regularly). And actually, now that I think about it, I picked up a few “referral” cards last time I was there that had the same offer on it. So more than one people can have this wonderful gift. :)

4 thoughts on “"Spa" trip, anyone?

  1. How long are they good for? I probably won’t go until after Eli comes, but I am overdue for a trip to the dentist – and this sounds like a fun one! :)

  2. well, i’ll definitely save you one! They say expire in 30 days, but there’s no date on them, so I’m thinking they’ll still accept it.

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