Whew!! Ali’s napping, AJ went home, and I’m RESTING!! :)
Actually, we had a WONDERFULLY fun time. The girls love each other so much, and had just a great time playing together. They get along so well, and love to share with each other (especially for two only children!!). But wow – having two kids is very tiring. I am so not ready for that. They were great, but I am exhausted!!! :)
Here’s some pictures:

“I can’t wait for AJ to get here!! “


Puzzles are much more fun with a friend to help!

We did all sorts of girly sleepover things – like fixing hair!!

Daddy reading a book to the girls. . .
A duet!!!
This is my favorite picture. . . aren’t they adorable!?!?!? And such good little twins!! :)

Having a serious sleepover conversation. . .
Such little posers. . .
Gramamma is telling them the Three Little Pigs (my parents came over last night to take part in our fun. It was great because we were starting to get tired so they took the last 45 minute shift of entertaining the girls!!)

Yes, this is just a pose. They didn’t sleep in the crib together. But how funny would that have been?
AJ didn’t want to pose for me. :)
Reading books before breakfast!!
such good books. . .

finished! time to swap!!
oh yes, these books are good too.
We went to the zoo today, and had a blast! Here are me and AJ. The girls loved roaring at the tigers, arfing at the sea lions, baaaing at the sheep, and tweeting at the birds!
Looking at the big tiger. . .
AJ checking out the fishies

Posing with the Llama!! He was much calmer this time than our last experience with him.
Peeking at the Llama from the other side. . .
A wonderful zoo hug to complete the day!!

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