This blog entry is for a photo contest that I’m entering at 5 Minutes for Mom.

This photo represents being a Mom to me because, although Moms have many and more serious responsibilities, one of the big things that I want to accomplish is to creatively plan ways to make childhood fun for my daughter, even when she’s too young to remember that fun when she gets older. My Mother was SO unbelievably good at making our childhood fun, and although I don’t have that natural knack that she had, I am going to try my best to teach Ali how to have fun. This picture is from last night when we had her best friend AJ spend the night. They had SO much fun together! We have made a conscious effort to help them to love to play together, and to teach them how to interact at an early age, and they definitely have it down pat!

I’ll let you know if my photo makes the finals so that you can vote for it!

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