By popular demand, I managed to aquire a baby picture of Chris to add to the comparison (he is 18 months old in the picture, but close enough). The majority of people say “she looks just like Chris!!”, but I believe that these photos will prove otherwise. Ali has one feature of his – that is very prominent – and I think most people see that and think of him. And I think she has several features of mine.

SOO. . . I’m having a pin the feature on the baby contest!!!

In my opinion, Ali has one facial feature of Chris’, and five facial features of mine. Name those features!! The person who gets the closest to my list of features wins a gift up to $15 of your choice from (have I blogged about how awesome Etsy is? It’s a new e-bay like site (minus the auction part) for sellers who make homemade everything to sell their creations – they have great hairbows, purses, baby stuff, etc). And if there are actually any guys who want to play, there are plenty of great things at Etsy for Mother’s Day for your wife!! (hint, hint) ;)

You have until Friday, April 18th to comment your answers in! If there is more than one person who gets all of the answers right, I will randomly draw one to be the winner.

AND – if you come up with better answers (and justification) than me, I will consider you for an honorable mention!

Chris – 18 Months

Ali – 15 Months
Rachel – 15 Months

p.s. – doesn’t Chris have a wierd blue aura around him? =)

6 thoughts on “my first blog contest: pin the feature on the baby!!!

  1. Hahaha – chris just has a calming spirit (blue aura.
    ok, I think she has chris’ nose, and your mouth, chin, eyes, forehead, eyebrows and overall shape of face…so basically what your mom said except for the nose and eyes.
    by the way, we definitely need a photo of chris from the side…this is tricky!

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