Ironies of the day:

1. As it was pouring tonight, we went to great lengths to keep Ali from getting wet when we went out to eat tonight (at Baha Burgers. . .yummm), and then we get set down inside and I give her her sippy cup, and the lid wasn’t screwed on so it spilt everywhere. She was soaked.

2. Chris ordered me Microsoft Access for my Engle and Associates work, and I have been trying for 15 minutes to try to get the ultra-modern plastic case opened. It seems to be very inaccessible.

Ironic days are better than bad ones. :)

1 thought on “Isn’t It Ironic. . .

  1. ha
    i laughed when i read this blog title
    brings back memories from..oh, 12 years ago or so…
    (gah! we are old)

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