I had that R.E.M. song stuck in my head all day yesterday. . .and boy was it fitting!
This post is for my Dad – he took great pleasure in making me write down everything that went wrong when I was a teenager and I would say “I had the worst day in the world!!” and then he would save it and let me read it later and expect me to say “oh, that wasn’t so bad”. But I always still thought they were bad. ;)

So here’s what happened yesterday, for Dad:
1. I got up at 6:45 to get some work done (still very very busy with getting Chris’ business set up at home), and discovered that I had never thought to set up autosave on Excel on my new computer, and the power had flickered during the night and I had lost some stuff, so I had to recreate it. That’s not too bad.
2. This one’s kinda silly, but it was sad. Chris’ Mom was coming over to babysit Ali so I could go to the dentist (never a good day when you have to go to the dentist), and I had asked her to bring a picture of Chris when he was around 15 mos old so I could compare it to Ali, and she brought an 18 mo old picture, and HE STILL HAD VERY BLUE EYES!! It made me sad because I realized that Ali definitely still could lose hers, and I really wanted her to keep her blue eyes because everyone is always saying how striking they are.
3. OK. Now to the worse stuff: On my way to the dentist (BAD), and I got a speeding ticket. Now, I must say, I’m not feeling repentant about this ticket. It was just rotten luck. It was on Old Leeds Road where the speed limit is 30 mph, and NO ONE goes 30 on O.L.R.! AND it was a motorcycle cop, so I never saw him. He could have been hiding behind an Azalea bush for all I know!! But this is super bad because I just got a ticket last September (these are the first two tickets that I’ve gotten (that I haven’t gone to driving school to get out of)), so I got really scared about the “points system”, but I checked it, and I’m good as long as I never go above 85mph for the next year and a half. Phew. Anyway, the ticket I got last Sept, I actually was remorseful about and beat myself up because it was on the open interstate and I’m usually really good at spotting state troopers. Plus, I use cruise control EVERY time I’m on the interstate because I know that i have a tendancy to creep up in speed and not realize it. But I had to drop Ali off at my Mom’s, and so I was running late for church, and running late is my biggest pet peeve of all time, but I decided to have a good attitude about it and listen to praise and worship music on the way and get my worship time in in the car. Kinda ruins worship when you get a ticket for going too fast because you were worshipping and not paying attention. Anyway, I digress. This ticket was just bad luck, no worship involved.
4. dentist. They couldn’t get my temporary crown off, so they had to shatter it in my mouth, which is really nasty feeling, and I kept finding tooth fragments in my mouth all day. ick. And the feeling of a new tooth in my mouth grossed me out all day.
5. naps. As I said in my last post, it’s been a totally bad nap week. Both naps were disastrous and difficult, which is always stressful.

OK – that about covers it. Dad, feel free to print this out and save it for a year and subject me to the memory of my bad day in hopes that I will find it humorous. ;)

4 thoughts on “It’s been a bad daaay, please don’t take a picture. . .

  1. Wow, that is for sure a bad day. Hope today goes better and that Ali gets back to taking good naps:) That can for sure ruin a week!

  2. So…you had a bad day, huh? I’m sorry. I’m pleased to know, though that you remember something like that from your childhood. I’m not sure that you got the point though, and maybe that is a good thing.
    Those letters I made you write were not intended to be read just anytime in the future, to trivialize your feelings or emotions. They were intended to teach you perspective. The things that you think are important now, today, might not seem so important some other time in your life.
    But then you can only judge by your own experience, and I’m glad to say that you most likely have never experienced a really bad day. I’m glad to say that you have, WE have, lived a very blessed and trouble free life.
    OK, so maybe you had a bad day. But your bad day – your worst day – would be the best day of life for about 90% of the world’s population. You are so blessed. You have a husband who loves you, provides for you and supports you (and I don’t meean only financially). You have a daughter that is healthy, beautiful and intelligent. You live in a country where you can be whatever you dream, go where ever you want, beleive whatever you will and say whatever comes to mind.
    Besides, if you didn’t have a bad day every now and then, how would you ever recognize a good day?

  3. I concur…that is a bad day. And I think it’s hilarious that your dad might print this out and show it to you later :)

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