Thanks to the beautiful weather, we have been able to go the zoo three times in 9 days! It is so much fun! We bought a family circle annual pass, which means that we can take two people with us every time we go for free (please let us know if you’d like to join us one day! We love going with other people).

Ali loves the zoo – she really loves animals all together. She “barks” at almost every animal she sees. She says “woof, woof”. She has started making other animal noises also when prompted (“What does the snake say?” “sssss”, etc.), but she seems to think that all animals understand “woof, woof”. Chris made an interesting point that to her, she is communicating just as effectively with animals as she does with us. We talk a lot, and she doesn’t understand it all, but she knows that we are talking to her, and she talks back. She’s doing the same thing with the animals.
She is typically not scared of any animals – the biggest dog can charge us, barking, and she just looks at him and says “woof”. But one of the animals got to her on Sunday – the Llama. He was quite aggressive – he was eating the child’s shirt that was visiting with him before us. When we got over to him, he very quickly got right in Ali’s face and tried to lick her. I think that she sensed me jumping backwards also, and the two together kind of spooked her. She wasn’t so afraid that she was crying, because she kept trying to pet him – she would reach out her hand, then jerk it back with a whimper at the last minute. Now, to be fair, I wasn’t thrilled with the Llama’s manners myself. He got a big chunk of my hair in his mouth, and I couldn’t get it out for a minute or so! I kept tugging, and it wasn’t coming. I only had one hand, and Chris was too busy taking pictures and being amused to help me. ;)
Today, we went to the zoo with Ashley and AJ – AJ is Ali’s best friend. They recognize each other and call each other by their names (“aajhae” and “aya”). They are SO cute together! They love to share food, to hold hands, and to point at each other. I think both of their favorite animal today were the zebras (“zeeee”, as AJ said). They both pointed at them lots and said “ooooo”.
On a side note, they have camels at the zoo this year that you can ride for $5!! I can’t wait to try this. Several people can ride one at once!!
This weekend we will be heading down to the beach to stay with Kitty and Leo. I’m sure we will take Ali to the Gulf Shores Zoo, which is awesome because you can feed almost all of the animals! Ali fed some of them last year, and loved it!
Here are some pictures from our recent Birmingham Zoo trips and other happenings of the last 2 days:
Here are Ali and AJ – not at the zoo, but yesterday at Church. Aren’t they cute in their matching polka dots? I had a couple of people think they were twins when I was taking them up to the nursery. . . they do favor each other!

The carousel at the zoo!

Me and Ali checking out the sheep. She really liked reaching through and petting him!
Me and Ali shying away from the hungry Llama.

Checking out the baby goat. . .
Hmm. . . Chris’ artsy photography. . .titled “Three Butts”
Trying to get a family photo on the train..(our wierd family eye color thing is especially apparent in this picture – Ali got her grandparent’s eyes.)
Chris and Ali reading “The Monster at the End of This Book”
Ali totally shocked at the ending!!!
Ali loves laying her head on soft things. . .for all of two seconds at a time!

4 thoughts on “it’s zoo season!!!

  1. Very cute pictures.

    I want to ride the camel. I think I’ve ridden one b/4 a LONG time ago, but I’d like to ride one again. I think I might see if Alex will take me. Who knows. :)

  2. I want to go to the zoo with y’all one day! Then you will have to come here and go to the Aquarium with me!!!

  3. That’s the Aquarium in Charleston…since I am anonymous at the moment. I’ll figure this out soon enough, but I HAD to leave you a comment!!!

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