Well, this year, the soup was just fine, but my Mom called me Sunday morning, and she had been up all night with a stomach virus, so she couldn’t come to her birthday lunch. Dad and Nick still wanted to come, but I quickly disinvited them (I know, cold, right? But can you imagine a 14 month old baby with a stomach virus? Not good!!!). Then, we get to church, and Lindsay (my sister-in-law), tells me that my older brother, JC got her sinus crud, and they wouldn’t be coming either!! Then, my Grandmother calls me, and when she finds out that everyone else cancelled, she cancelled too. Luckily, I had invited my friend Amanda also, and she, good friend that she is, didn’t cancel. :) So our dinner for 9 went down to dinner for 3 – me, Chris, and Amanda. With that Ginormous pot of soup. Now granted, I did send over half the pot home with Nick (who still came to church) for my Mom. So at least, when she starts to feel better, she will get Birthday Soup.

1 thought on “the annual soup tragedy

  1. Yeah, I still have a complex about everyone ditching your house when they found out that I was coming!

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