My mom was really big on getting us to write papers all the way through school, and since I homeschooled from 1st-12th grade, I wrote a LOT of these papers for my mom. However, she always had us write them on what was going on in our lives, not on random things. So we knew that if we went on vacation, the raincloud of the vacation was getting back and having to write a paper on it. So recently, my blogging has reminded me a lot of those papers – writing on what’s been going on. But (hopefully) I’m not being graded on these!! (Mom, are you grading???)
So it got me thinking – I remember one way that Mom tried to make it interesting was to have us just keep a journal for our writing. Soo. . . . if I homeschool Ali – I can just hear myself now. “Ali, don’t forget to blog about your day for your English assignment!!”
After vacation, I can hear Ali:
“Wow, that sure was a fun trip! But Mom, do I HAVE to blog about it?”

3 thoughts on “homeschool flashbacks

  1. That’s too funny! :) You shouldn’t make her blog about her vacation..or write about it. That takes the fun out of it. :)

  2. Well, you know, if it weren’t for all those paper writings, I might not be blogging today. Aren’t you glad it paid off? :)

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