Today, I have been thinking a lot about what a content and happy phase that Ali is going through. It is wonderful! I literally can’t think of a time in the last few days that she has cried or fussed – AT ALL. She doesn’t cry when we put her to bed or naptimes – she just talks to herself until she falls asleep. She doesn’t cry when she wakes up from her nap – she just talks to herself until I come and get her. (in fact, if I don’t come and get her in the morning, she puts herself back down for her nap!)

It really struck me how pleasant she is right now when we went to Kids Market today – I was there for almost 2 hours (which is VERY uncharacteristic of me – I’m usually a very fast and impatient shopper – but there was a LOT of good stuff there today!), and she never even hinted at fussing the whole entire time! She just hung out in her stroller, ate her snacks, drank her juice, looked at clothes (it was so cute – she would pull a piece of clothing out and stare at it, like she was trying to decide if she liked it), and said “hey!” to everyone who passed by.

I am so thankful that Ali is such a happy and content baby right now. There have definitely been some harder stages of her babyhood (especially 1-5 months), but now is just such a wonderful time that I really want to appreciate and enjoy as much as possible. She is talking a lot, and interacting so much, and laughing more (she’s never been much of a laugher), and we really are real buddies now. AND she still sleeps AMAZINGLY. She sleeps 13-14+ hours a night (usually 7:00-8:30), and still naps two naps a day for a total of 3-5 hours (and no, I don’t spend all of that time blogging :) I actually spend almost all of that time working).

This is one of those times in life that begs to be relished and enjoyed.

p.s. – If this blog makes you feel sad because you don’t have a happy baby right now, TAKE HEART!! My baby was nicknamed “Ali Qaida” by our small group last Spring because of her EXTREME unhappiness and difficulty. Thankfully, now she is the aforementioned “happy baby”!! It’s all a phase! :)

3 thoughts on “happy baby

  1. Oh my gosh! You never told me about her nickname. That is really funny, though I do feel sort of strange laughing about it!!

  2. I think the nickname is hilarious! And I’m so glad she’s in such an awesome phase right now. How fun! I feel like Sam is a pretty happy and content baby (although he definitely still has fussy times) but I look forward, even more, to times like you’re talking about. Fun!

  3. I’m glad that Ali is a happy baby now. :) I love her to death and I’m VERY glad you had her. :) She makes my day every time y’all are at the office. :)

    And you didn’t tell me that she was nicknamed Ali Quida. I remember that phase though. I’m glad she’s out of it. She’s MUCH more fun to play with now.

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