Hello to all of my hundreds of readers!! ;)
I’ve recently gotten interested in reading other people’s blogs (Thanks to the encouragement from Crystal), and I have found it very fun and interesting! I especially have enjoyed reading blogs of people that I have fallen out of touch with – catching up on them. I guess I’m that creepy person that you don’t realize is reading your blog but is.
Anyway, so I was inspired to start my own blog.
It will probably be boring to most – it’s not like I have the most interesting life, but I figured it would be fun to do, if nothing else for my own sake to chronicle our lives.
I really am very new to the blogging community, so if you would, please leave any comments you have about the protocol of the blog world and anything else that you think I need to know. It would be most appreciated!!

I suppose on this first blog I will explain my title. I am a very black and white, goal oriented, objective person. I love accomplishing things, and especially love setting myself goals and then not only meeting them, but surpassing them. I get so much pleasure out of that! However, in my new life as a stay at home mom, it has definitely been an adjustment, to say the least, to living a subjective life (I mean, how much more objective can you get than to be an accounting manager? And before that was school, which is super objective). I do still work part time from home (while Ali naps), which definitely helps satiate my need for objective accomplishments. And thanks to the advice from my dear friend Lydia, I have started myself a spreadsheet of subjective things that I want to do so that I can still check boxes :) I know – I am really, really odd. But hey – if checking checkboxes makes you enjoy life more, why not? So, feel free to make fun of me. I understand – my family does it all the time. Somehow, it seems that I got ALL of the objective genes in my family, so my parents and siblings think I’m from outer space.

Now – as far as an overview of who I am. I am a wonderfully blessed and happy wife to Chris of 7 years and mother to Ali of 13 months. As I mentioned, I stay at home, but I also work in accounting and human resources from home for the company I have worked for since I was 16 (almost 10 years!!!). I love my Savior Jesus Christ more than anything else in my life, and love spending time studying His Word and allowing Him to teach me how to successfully live this life (objectively or subjectively!!). I have a WONDERFUL family and great friends. I have learned a LOT in the past 13 months of being a mother, and continue to learn more daily, which I am sure I will share with you in the coming posts.

I hope that this blog allows me to reconnect with old friends and aquaintances, and will also allow people to keep up with what is going on in our lives.

Well, it’s time to go put Ali down for her afternoon nap, so I will go ahead and end this. I hope to hear from all of you, my hundreds of readers!

8 thoughts on “my first blog!

  1. great job Rachel! just wanted you to know that I’m one of those people who just reads blogs too….I don’t even have one! lol.

    So, you can know that you’ve caught the attention of this reader! :)


  2. Yay, you started a blog! I love reading other people’s blogs and keeping up with what is going on in everyones lives.

  3. LOL! You aren’t creepy for reading blogs! I think everyone reads at least one person’s blog that they don’t keep in touch with. I know I do. =) Glad I helped you to start your own blog! It’s been fun for me to keep a little online journal type thing of our lives. Happy blogging!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! Blogs are so much fun and I love reading peoples :o) I think you’ll be a good blogger. Think of all the funny experiences you can discuss….lady bug munchin, toenail art…you are a plethora of funny stores. I fully get the need to check boxes to feel like you’ve contributed and accomplished something with your what crazy people who’ve never experienced staying at home call “free time.” I’m glad you’re blogging :o)

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