I was listening to WDJC today (we haven’t gotten XM hooked up in my new car yet, so I’m stuck listening to commercials with my Christian Music), and I heard the most disturbing commercial. I’ve heard some commercials that made me go “hmm” before on there, but this one took the cake.
It was for Jeff Dennis Jewelers, and (presumably Jeff Dennis) is talking about how husbands spend all their money and time on themselves and hunting, and NEVER think of us wives. One quote was “He’s always saying there’s no money to buy that diamond you’ve been wanting. Of course not! It’s in the gun case and in the hidden pockets in his wallet!” Can we say “let’s breed resentment, bitterness, and discontent??!?!?!” Then later in the commercial, it says “Remember the phrase, ‘if you really want something, you’ll do ANYTHING to get it?’ well remind your husband of that next hunting season!” implying – don’t “let” your husband go hunting unless he buys you that diamond first!! A week or so earlier I heard another Jeff Dennis commercial that disturbed me a little (it was talking about how husbands don’t have the time or the inclination to be thoughtful for their wives, so Jeff Dennis will do all the work for them, and all the husbands have to do is run in and pick it up and run out), but then this new one just completely blew me away.
Secular media is chock full of subliminal messages (usually a lot more subtle than that commercial) that breed all kinds of marriage-destroying messages, such as that men are stupid and women really are the smart ones and run the households, and that men can’t do anything right, and on and on. There are many TV shows that I really like that I don’t allow myself to watch anymore for this very reason – because whether I want it to or not, it definitely affects my perspective. You would think you were safe listening to Christian Radio, and they like to promote it as “radio for the whole family”, but to be bombarded by these kind of ridiculous commercials really is upsetting.
I’ve never sent food back at a restaurant or complained about it, nor have I ever really been into the boycott thing or the writing letters complaining to companies. But for once, I am really considering it. It’s just such a blatant attack against a Godly view of marriage, of men, and of life!
Please let me know if you think I’m overreacting or if you agree that this is disturbing – I’d really like to know!
Although I hate this commercial and its implications, it does make me grateful that my husband isn’t like that at all (he thinks about my wants MUCH more than he thinks about his own), nor is our marriage full of manipulation and bitterness. I will continue to pray that by God’s grace it can stay that way!!

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  1. I have never really seen it that way and wouldn’t have come to that conclusion on my own, but I think you’re right. You noticed what I think goes unnoticed on the surface, but I can see how its essence can do serious damage. If it were any other radio station, then I’d say you’re overreacting. But just as the teachers will be judge more scruptiously, so should the radio programs that profess they are for family. They raise their standards with that endorsement.

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