Not ANOTHER Outdoorsy Post.


So I took 2,457 pictures this past weekend while we were at Oak Mountain, and edited and kept 265. It took me approximately 16 hours to go through them all and save and edit, so I decided that I would subject you to more of them. Because I deserve your attention, guys. And also because they sucked away all my time and I haven’t had time to write anything else.

Sometimes you jump over the creek,


and sometimes the creek jumps on you.


Tiny flowers make me happy.



Running to the top of a hill to check out some ruins. Turns out, it was a fireplace. I’m sure it was left behind by the vikings or something.

It took a day to get him in the water. But this was a starting point.




The hike down to Peavine is terribly steep with lots of boulders and climbing involved. Hence why I packed her several pairs of workout clothes. But no. She wore a maxi dress. Makes for better pictures, anyway.


And also, she totally didn’t care.




One of the things the State Parks asked me for were pictures of people using the Equestrian Trails. Luckily for me, a trail went right past our cabin. I spotted a group of riders, ran ahead on another trail to intersect their trail, accosted them, asked if I could take their pictures, ran ahead of them on the Equestrian Trail careful not to step in any giant piles of crap, and then took each rider’s picture as they came by.


All the horses seemed to love the attention, but this horse was quite convinced that my camera was certainly a lump of sugar waiting just for him to attempt to eat.


I found this thistle on a walk. It made me happy.


This was the point that I realized I could walk for months and never run out of different and fascinating trails.



When I got up at 4:45am to hike up to King’s Chair in the dark, I was supposed to meet friends and hike with them. But it was dark and I couldn’t recognize anyone and I panicked that I was going to be left all alone in the dark so I started hiking by myself. When I came up the last hill to King’s Chair, it was such a spectacular sight to see so many people lining the cliffs.


I was able to find my friends for the hike back down. You know when it was light and I had no trouble at all seeing my feet.


But before we hiked back down, I was sure to elbow my way to the front of the 80+ people watching the sunrise to snag a few pictures. I know. RUDE.




I seriously had no idea that the Oak Mountain demonstration farm existed. That they had an Pony and Peacocks and a Donkey made it all the more fascinating – this was not your usual petting zoo fare.



I also adored that the Peacock kept showing off its wonder and the goats were like “We’ve ALL SEEN YOUR AMAZING FEATHERS. Just staaaaaahp.” Actually they didn’t even care that much. They just ate their grass and ignored him.


The Donkey was the Peacock’s antithesis. Poor guy had a perfect Eeyore expression.


We became besties.


Until Noah bought a bag of food. Then he abandoned our BFF relationship and took up with Noah.



But the Peacock, who was as vain as the cliche suggests, was happy to pose for an Emo photo shoot.

He even picked out the perfect rustic brick wall for a backdrop to make his features shine.


At least two of the goats were noticeably pregnant – both in their belly size and the fact that they’d shank a baby goat to get to the food. And they did knock several with their horns – they’re clearly going to make great moms. BUT. They were also SO pregnant that you could feel the baby goats squirming around inside – and see their bellies being kicked and jostled. So I guess they deserved their edgy attitude.


Ali adored canoeing as much as I do. I’m trying to convince her to go on a canoe trip on the Cahaba, but she’s quite convinced that she’s a lake canoer, not a rocky riverbed canoer.



I have no idea why Noah struck this pose. But I hear he’ll be starring in Zoolander 12.


And finally, here are some of the random strangers that let me take their pictures for the State Park’s Photo Collection. Because Random Strangers are the best.









Aaaaand….now I’m ready to go back. Who’s with me?

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  1. Jen in Jersey (for now) says:

    How is it that Noah looks soooo old suddenly? Did you guys ageify him or something? Photoshop his legs to make them look longer? He no longer looks even vaguely preschoolerish….

  2. Please can I live where you live? It’s so beautiful!!! :-)

  3. Hiking in a maxi dress. Ali is a girl after my own heart. I love wearing long skirts.

  4. Kitty Engle says:

    I am so jealous but loved every picture. Maybe that is where we need to go someday.

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