Her First Taste of Honeysuckle

. . . and she’s been begging for “more honey juice” ever since.

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p.s. – for those of you who were going to try the cookie-willpower test on your kids, I’m waiting with baited breath to see how it went! Be sure to go back to that post and let me know the results!!

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  1. Tyson, Rachel and Kariya says:

    Haha, those are hilarious! That sure takes me back to my childhood…we used to have honeysuckle in our backyard and I loved it!

  2. Too cute! I noticed the honeysuckle around here is just starting to bloom-yay!

  3. Momstart says:

    oh yummy

  4. Amanda B. says:

    What a cute photo!! Thanks for sharing. Happy WW!

  5. Flying Giggles and Lollipops says:

    Those are cute! She is probably always going to remember that moment…her first taste of honeysuckle.

  6. Wow, talk about cute! I sneeze from the smell of honeysuckle, but I too love the taste!

  7. Mama Hen says:

    So sweet, I’ll have to get James to try some today.

  8. kiddiescorner says:

    Thats very cute. I’ve never had honeysuckle. Have to give it a try. Have a wonderful WW:O)

  9. Julie@Momspective says:

    Super cool! I’ve never tried it, now I want to go look for some!

  10. I’ve never had honeysucle myself.
    How fun!

  11. Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) says:

    Cute pictures! I had forgotten all about that – my son would love it!

    Happy Wednesday!

  12. Christen says:

    Yum, I always loved honeysuckles as a kid!

  13. She is so cute:-)

  14. Mary@Holy Mackerel says:

    Ummm, I feel really stupid right now, but I have this gorgeous honeysuckle bush, and I didn’t know you could taste the flowers…guess what I’ll be doing when the blossoms finally appear!!

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