The Prodigal Fitbit Daughter.

I had been a happy FitBit wearer for three years. It motivated me, gave me beautifully geeky tracking tools, created new friendships, and fed my obsession with statistics. Yet, at the beginning of October, I replaced my FitBit with an Apple Watch. And then, on December 22, I found myself 126% overjoyed because I convinced […]

The Running Disease.

“Let’s get the white elephant out of the room first. So you’re running now.” I had lunch yesterday with my friend Jamie, the occasion upon which that accusation was made. I leaned in and lowered my voice. “Do you want to know how bad it’s gotten? It’s like really, really bad. Chris arranged for the […]

On Buying the Children a Virtual Hamster Wheel.

Within a day of Chris and I buying our FitBits, the kids split up. Ali was Team Daddy, and Noah was Team Mommy. They began cheering us on accordingly, attempting to keep their opponent from getting ahead (okay only Ali tried to sabotage me), and constantly asking to see the leaderboard to gauge how well […]