I haven’t disappeared or thrown away the merits of blogging in exchange for being in the woods all day every day (although we have been having a exquisitely lovely Spring and most recently a divine three day weekend, so that possibility is most definitely always there) (and also might I add, we’ve been watching Anne with an E and her sweepingly dramatic and dashing descriptors have truly delighted my brain), but rather I’ve been waging war against my blog.

Silly blog – it seems to be getting a bit of an attitude, and no wonder – it’s nearly hit puberty. It’ll be 10 next February, and it has reached that tragical age where the moodiness hits hard. Between nasty uninvited pop-up ads that I’ve been fighting for a month (which, incidentally, seems to be the scourge of the internet of late – I’ve gotten similar ugly ads on many national, reputable websites) and the fact that it is refusing to upload any pictures at the moment, this blog is really making itself quite useless.

As soon as it’ll let me upload again, I’ll be back. Which should be very very soon.

That is, if I’m not in the woods.

(Speaking of which, I had the privilege of pulling a tick off of Chris for the very first time last night. Which means that finally, after 16 years of marriage, we’re officially “Alabama Married.”)

On that note, may your weeks be lovely and your husbands not be covered in ticks.

5 thoughts on “Temporarily Closed for Battle.

  1. Lol! Alabama married made me laugh! Sorry about your war. I haven’t had any pop ups if it helps. :)

  2. I haven’t had any popups here, but I had been wondering why so many sites suddenly seem to be using such crappy, screen-covering ads. So, mystery solved, I guess.

    I look forward to the return of the blog and mazel tov on being Alabama Official. ;-) (I double-checked my spelling of mazel tov and “mazel tov cocktail” came up in predictive search results. LOL)

    1. Yes – it’s a whole thing right now. I mean, I’ve gotten them on Snopes, news sites, and other super reputable sites. They’re really the worst. I still suspect Facebook in propagating them, because that seems to be the only time people get them – when clicking through from Facebook.

  3. I’m curious how your no sugar is going and if it affects your running. Your pictures of woods make me jealous, I live in a desert:(

    1. No sugar is going well! I’m probably cheating a little more often – mainly by not worrying about it when I’m out to eat (if I’m eating BBQ I’ll have BBQ sauce, thank you very much), but when I’m at home, I’m sticking to it really well. I don’t think that it’s affected my running one way or the other – at least not that I’ve noticed. Although I have been running pretty far lately…maybe I’m less sore mid-run because of it? I have been less sore…hm. I guess I’ll have to think about that now.

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