This Is How I Feel

This is how I feel about dyed armpit hair.

This is how I feel about a Facebook invite to play Dragon City.

This is how I feel about sixteen year olds wearing cut-off mom jean shorts.

This is how I feel when I realize a single Facebook friend is selling Mary Kay, Rodan + Fields, Advocare, and Young Living simultaneously.

This is how I feel about thirteen year old boys having 20,000 followers on Instagram and all they post is sultry selfies. #goodhairday #eyes #smolder

This is how I feel every time I see a beautiful, historical storefront turn into a Vape Shop.

This is how I feel when Pinterest tells me that two dozen ten-color polka dot cupcakes topped with individual Pixie Hollow icing dioramas are easy to make.

This is how I feel when I realize exactly how messy my house has gotten – and that it’s at least 25% my responsibility to fix it.

This is how I feel when I catch the first whiff of whatever is to be the fiery Facebook topic of the week.

This is how I feel when the Dead Sea Mineral Lotion Kiosk Man tries to accost me and rub things onto my arms.

This is how I feel about silk shorts trimmed in Pom-Poms.

I feel this:

What makes you feel that?

11 thoughts on “This is How I Feel…

  1. This is how I feel when my kids want to know why they have to get a bath or brush their teeth or clean their room. As if this is brand new information!!

  2. This is how I feel when my boys throw super dramatic fits we all thought were reserved for little girls at Every. Single. Little. Freaking. Thing.

    The Dead Sea guys! Ha! I bartered with them once. Like a boss. Got a whole package of product for the price of the nail buffer. Loved the lotion. Except DO NOT put Dead Sea Salt lotion on freshly shaved legs. You know that expression “salt on an open wound”? Yeah.

  3. This is how i feel when I go to the beach and I see a million girls who have never birthed a child strutting around in a bikini with push up bras that totally mask their actually age which could be 12 or 20…numbed by butts, boobs and flat bellies!

  4. How I feel when my (newly) four year old responds to anything and everything with “But what if I don’t?” This is her new phrase.

    “Ariel, you need to clean up your blocks?”
    “Because you took them all out and you’re done and if I step on one, I can hurt my foot and that’s an ouchie.”
    “Can you help me?”
    “No, you made the mess yourself. You need to clean it up yourself.”
    “But what if I don’t?”


    Also, when my (ballet) students hang on the barres no matter how many times I’ve told them not to.


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