The Year, In Emoji.


This symbol is what one of my friends so artistically created to represent how many of us feel about this year.

Aside from the smile in the middle of the turd, it’s accurate.

Because everyone we know is experiencing2015.

Maybe it’s just Alabama – or maybe it’s all of the United States. Who knows, maybe it’s the whole world. But fueled by continuous illness and/or injury of every kind and stoked by various other mishaps, this has been our year.


It is the first day of the fourth month of 2015. And I am currently on my fourth antibiotic of the year. I have spent the last 48 hours feverish in the bed, cuddled up to a bag (or two) of Cadbury Mini Eggs.

Because they are working as a carrier oil for my antibiotics, obviously.


My child ate sprinkles for breakfast.

Eating Sprinkles for Breakfast

Because he asked to.

And I said yes.


Yesterday was mine and Chris’ fourteenth anniversary. We had a lovely date at a fancy restaurant reserved for us, a date that had to be cancelled because…my tonsil is so very painfully infected.

So very infected that Chris looked in my mouth and yelped, then exclaimed that it looked like I had leprosy.

Needless to say he won’t be sticking his tongue down my throat this anniversary.



Did I mention that it’s also the children’s Spring Break?


My dear friend who invented this year’s motto for me, when this week brought with it gifts, sent me this.

2015 B

I’m pretty sure that 2015is one giant April Fool’s Joke. The good news is, it should be over after today!

I’ll be back as soon as I can find The Holy Grail: