It’s Time To Visit Thomas. {Giveaway!}


Visiting Thomas the Train has been a long-standing tradition in our household, starting in the ancient year of 2009.


Each Spring, Day Out With Thomas rolls into the station in Calera, Alabama, and we highly anticipate our drive out to visit him.

Ali was a hipster before hipsters were cool (which is actually the definition of a hipster, right?), so she was a female Thomas Fangirl long before she had a brother to blame it on.


Noah adopted his sister’s love, compounded by the natural attraction between boys and trains, making him quite obsessed.


I draw at least a dozen trains a week for him, along with tracks and smoke. And with many of them, he asks when we’ll be visiting Thomas again.


Because Thomas is his happy place.


I mean seriously – on our last visit, his life had never been better than this moment.


NEVER, I tell you.

Noah on Thomas

And Ali, despite her older, more sophisticated ways, still has a special place in her heart for Thomas, as well.


A girl never forgets her first love.

This year, Thomas will be rolling up into Calera April 10-19. We’re already counting down the days until our visit, and Thomas graciously offered tickets for one of you as well!

I have a family four-pack of tickets to give away for Sunday, April 19th at 3:00, worth $84!

(And by the way – if you’re not from around here, I don’t have tickets for you, but you can check the Day Out With Thomas schedule to see when he’s coming your way.)


Along with a 25 minute train ride aboard one of the vintage rail cars being pulled by Thomas himself, you will get to meet Sir Topham Hatt, enjoy checking out all of the trains at the Heart of Dixie Railroad Museum, and take part in all sorts of Thomas and Friends fun including putt-putt golf, a jumpstation, a bubble station, temporary tattoos, storytelling, videos, live music, and more.

(You need to get there about an hour early to get your tickets, enjoy the other activities, and be ready when they call for you to board.)

To enter, simply comment on the post and tell me which is your kid’s favorite Thomas and Friends character (besides Thomas. I promise – he won’t get jealous.)

This giveaway is open until Wednesday, March 11, and I will email and post the winner on my Giveaway Winner’s Page on March 12.

Best of luck!

Disclosure: I was given a four-pack of tickets for our family to go visit Thomas, also. But no worries – all opinions are my own (or my kid’s, in this case), and we would have been going to see Thomas either way. Because he’s awesome like that.

Leave your comment below!


  1. melissa mcclain says:

    My kid’s favorite train is the Polar Express.

  2. It’s hard to pick a favorite, but we like Percy.

  3. Ashley Davis says:


  4. Thomas is our fave! And he’s now my grand boy’s very fave!!

  5. AHHH!! My kids would LOVE this!!! They love James because both their middle names are James! We would LOVE to win these tickets! Thanks for hosting this!

  6. i think my son knows all the characters. He recites them to keep from going to sleep. Besides Thomas, his favorite has to be Percy.

  7. Rachel Robinson says:

    Flynn the fire truck or Scarloey, believe it or not!

  8. My Eli loves James!

  9. Our child’s favorite is Flynn because he loves fire trucks!

  10. Allison S says:

    My son loves Thomas first then Percy!

  11. Brandy Bates says:

    My son always loved James and Bertie the bus.

  12. Sandy Bowden says:

    My grandson loves Henry.

  13. James is the fave around here!

  14. Tiffany Webb says:

    Ethan is actually more partial to Chuggington than Thomas. But he wouldn’t be picky to win tickets to see the real live Thomas…

  15. Stephy_B says:

    Oh, Carter and Landon would love this! Landon says Sir Topham Hat is his fave lol- Carter says “choo choo”, so I interpret that as any of the other trains :)

  16. Well, I don’t know my nephew’s favorite character, but I do know he loves Thomas + Friends and would love this event!

  17. My Anderman is crazy about James and Thomas. We would love to win!

  18. Brenda Pipkin says:

    My grandson’s favorite is Scarloey, and James and all of them!

  19. Julie Farmer says:

    My son loves the green one aka Percy.

  20. Carolyn B says:

    my son loves Henry!

  21. we like Thomas!!! He’s our favorite.

  22. I hit send too soon…

    But if we had to pick another one (sigh…), we’d pick Percy!

  23. Laura Wilder says:

    Ahh!! Anderson’s toddler head would explode with excitement! I just asked him & he said Thomas! I said, “who else?” & he said, “Percy too!” So there you go!

  24. Samantha Madison says:

    My 3 year old daughter loves Percy because he is just as much of a diva as she is!

  25. Kelly Cody says:

    My son, at just under two years, is undiscriminating. His favorite train is whichever train currently on the TV/computer/tablet. His favorite colors are blue and green though, so I’m saying his face are Thomas and Percy.

  26. Joy Geoghagan says:

    My boys like Percy, but I’ve always been partial to the Chinese Dragon train.

  27. Robin White says:

    He likes James! James always seems to cause some drama, which makes for a funny show.

  28. Hannah @ Simply Add Coffee says:

    My little girl loves Thomas too, can’t blame in on the brother. I would say her favorite besides Thomas is James. My husband and my favorite is quoting Thomas language (expletives??) like “Cinders and ashes!” And “Bust my buffers” and counting how many times Sir Topham Hatt is “cross”.

    We would love this package!

  29. Mr. Conductor and Percy

  30. Jennifer Paxton says:

    There is a train named “Paxton” and my kids love him because they have the same name.

  31. Zara Windsor says:

    whoops, I commented on your fb page instead of here. My buddy’s favorite (other than Thomas) is Percy!

  32. My kids love Thomas and friends! Their votes for favorite characters are James and Emily!

  33. Valerie Hollingsworth says:

    My little girl loves Percy but she like Gordon a lot too.

  34. Doré Kesterson says:

    Our girls like scarloey and Percy. Even at 11 and 8

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