Today is Ali’s eighth birthday.

And, in my ongoing effort to lazify my life, she has to share it with her brother.

(On here, anyway.)

His birthday is six days before Christmas, and hers is 14 days after Christmas. This unfortunate timing may make me the worst sort of Mom when it comes to actually focusing on my kid’s birthdays, but I do try.

Noah had a small family birthday party for his fourth birthday (Hot Wheels Themed by his request – who knew Party City carried that?),


And Ali had two dear friends spend the night for her birthday celebration.


Although I may have fallen down on the job of spectacular Pinterestified birthday blowouts, I think they both had fairly decent years…

In January, we had our #SnowChasers adventure, where we desperately sought snowy adventures, only to actually leave behind the most apocalyptic snow and ice event to ever hit Birmingham.

(Seriously. While we were down in a cozy cottage watching the sunset over the lake in Eufaula, Chris was sleeping in his office for two nights – because he couldn’t leave.

But I’m off track. This post is about the children.

Ali was all in on our adventures,

01 January

Fully embracing the snow,


…and sand.


Noah…was not as confident in my vacation planning skills.

01 Jan 2

But he managed to have a few moments of happiness where he, also, appreciated the beauty of our journey.

01 Jan 3

And he also got to learn how to use a wine glass, because apparently the State Park restaurant has never had children.

01 Jan

In February, Ali just focused on looking pretty,

02 February

While Noah was forced to do this.

02 Feb 2

Eventually, potty-training was indeed achieved – but only because my Mom asked him.

02 Feb

However, in a show of serious logic issues, his first dentist’s visit didn’t bother him a bit.

02 Feb 3

In March, Ali met her new best friend.

03 March

And Noah did he did what he does best – spreading mischief and bringing chaos to his sister’s perfectly aligned world.

03 March 2

In April, Noah met his hero and celebrity crush.

04 April

And Ali perfected her hipster artist waif look.

04 April

In May, we went to the beach with friends,

140523b Playtime Never Ends at the Beach

Where much bonding took place.



And Cheez-its.


Wave-hopping became a skill to be mastered,



And everyone did indeed do just that.

05 May 2

Other happenings included Noah perfecting the art of not listening to his sister,

05 May 3

And Ali disapproving of her cousin’s idea of fun. Because someone might get hurt, obviously.

05 May

In June, Ali repaid Noah for all of his brotherness,

06 June 3

Noah studied the physics of liquid,

06 June

And they were both agreeable to my photography attempts.

06 June 4

06 June 2

In July, Superheroes abounded at our house,

07 July

as the world always needs new heroes.

07 July 2

There were also many playground trips,

07 July 3

And Ring Pops.

07 July

In August, Noah managed to get himself into more sticky situations,

08 August 3

was the model birthday party guest,

08 August

And started preschool.

Face 08

And Ali started…Second Grade.

08 August

September was football season,

09 Sept 2

And popsicle season.

09 September

In October, our family morphed into The Lego Movie,

Lego Movie Costume Ideas

including a Princess Unikitty,

10 October

And Emmet.

10 Oct 3

November brought leaf piles and hiking,

11 Nov


Along with a little bit of exploring.


Our surroundings seemed to highlight how giant Ali was getting,


And how tiny Noah still was.


December was a month full of adventure and intrigue, including an awkward visit with Santa,

12 Dec

A new excitement about running from Ali,

12 Dec 2

(including running her first unofficial 5K),


And a full appreciation for our wonderful late Alabama Autumn.

12 Defc 2


And here they are now, both another year older – eight,

13 Jan 2

And four…

13 Jan 2

And maybe a tiny bit wiser.

13 Jan

13 Jan


And now it’s time to set off on twelve months of new adventures.

Happy Birthday, kids! Maybe next year you’ll even get your own posts.


17 thoughts on “The Birthday Post.

  1. Wow, it’s hard to believe Noah’s four! He was just a wee infant when I started reading your blog. They’re both so cute!

  2. Happy birthday to both of them!
    My nephew’s birthday is at the beginning of November and my niece’s is in a few days, but they had a shared party in December because of all the other birthdays and holidays in between. Makes me glad mine and Quinn’s birthdays are in August.

  3. Sweet. Ali and Noah are just as adorable as ever.

    As I looked through each month I have to admit there was some jealousy on my part that no coats, boots or gloves seem to be required anytime of year in Alabama… unless you are chasing a snowstorm. ;o)

    I truly think I was supposed be born in a Southern state vs. an Atlantic Canadian (currently -30C with the windchill) province.


  4. Happy birthday, sweet Ali! Is that the same super hero mask from Ethan’s 3rd bday party?? I’m super impressed if it is. I love seeing your chronicles of their year. Feel free to caption the lives of my kids if you’re itching for something to do in all your free time.

  5. My reaction to that Noah bday pic was “Now that’s a cake.” So rare to see a normal, made at home, old school cake! No buttercream designs or fondant decorations. Probably cost you all of $3.–the way it should be!.

    1. It was actually brownies – he requested them. But he’d never seen a pan of brownies before (he’d always gotten them single-serve at restaurants), so he called it a “Brownie Cake” all day – and was a little confused.

  6. Wow I can’t believe how old our kiddos are getting. Ali is looking so grown up these days, even while apparently licking leaves? Haha :) Seems like just yesterday you were announcing you were pregnant with Noah. *Sigh*

    And it looks like they had wonderful birthdays in spite of (or maybe because of!) the lack of Pinterest! :)

  7. Those cupcakes at Ali’s party look EPIC. I now have an insatiable craving for cupcakes.

    And my five year old was watching me scroll through this post and now desperately wants to play with your children. LOL

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