I told you we had a problem.

This was a typical yet random text exchange between my husband and I yesterday. All because I answered a question with “Yeah”…


Frozen Text One

And then a few minutes later…

Frozen Text Two

Okay. “A problem” was an understatement.

11 thoughts on “The Effect of Frozen on Marital Relationships.

  1. I still haven’t seen the movie! My son has and I was sort of hoping he’d love it for a change of pace in our household. But alas, we are still in Radiator Springs every three days. And traveling the globe in the World GrandPrix. **sigh**

  2. It’s ok. I still quote Rapunzel (Momma knows BEST) and somehow our family works in quotes from almost all other Disney/Pixar movies.
    The stickers or emotions in the chat on Facebook have me momentarily mesmerized. I randomly send to my children when I see them online (like a cat in a bathtub to remind my son to grab his shower). I also found myself talking to my best friend in England the other day and realized that we had spoken only through these stickers/emotions for over 45 minutes (no words were typed).
    Maybe I am due a ‘timeout’.

  3. I seldom ever wish my Android phone was more iPhone-like, but I have to admit: you guys have all the cool emoticons.

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