Last Saturday, we took Noah and Ali to A Day Out with Thomas.

We were cautiously thrilled for a redo, since we took Ali when she was two, and she had a severe form of Baby-PMS that day.

In an attempt to do things as opposite as possible as we had done with Ali (to whom we hyped the meeting of Thomas for months,) we decided to completely surprise Noah.

Therefore, he knew nothing except that we were “going to a surprise.”

When we arrived and were walking up, I saw Thomas from a distance and got all giddy on the inside on his behalf.

I very nearly shed a tear at the sight of that big blue engine.


I asked Noah excitedly and expectantly, “What do you SEE?”

He looked around, then said nonchalantly, “I see cars. And I see people.”


Finally, as we got a little closer, he spotted him.

And we got the reaction of which we had dreamed.

A shrill, exuberant shriek and, “It’s…it’s THOMAS!!!!


There he was in all of his glory, train engineer and all (which was a nice touch, since the presence of humans in Thomas really confuses me. Exactly what are the separation of duties between a talking train and his Human Counterpart? I totally should have asked him when I had the chance.)


But Noah had no such meanderings. He was thrilled to be on the train tracks,


Thrilled to be “big” and go in the bouncy house with all the bigger kids,


Thrilled to climb on all of the other trains,


(as was his sister, who thankfully had no recurrence of previous attitudinal disturbances,)


and thrilled to get an inside peek at the train’s engine.


Ali looked so memory-making, being all Titanic-Like at the front of the train, so I naturally requested a family photo op.


But all I got was a free nose-picking show,


and Chris trying to get out of the shot…or make himself more easily photoshopped…or something.


When it was time to get in line for our ride, Noah realized the full weight of all of his hopes and dreams coming true before his eyes.


And was also obsessed with his ticket,


which reminded me of Ali at her two-year-old Thomas ride – perhaps her favorite part of the whole experience.

Thomas Tickets
Ali, who didn’t remember her last trip nor her dream-ruining-attitude, was also delighted with this year’s adventure, thereby making amends for her last slip-up altogether.


The conductor came up and down the aisles ensuring that all children heads were inside the windows and offering to pose for photos (perhaps that’s that human’s role in Thomas?)


And, as they say in the Thomas Books, with a Peep! and a Poop!, Thomas left the station.

(Seriously. They say that.)


And both of my children were mesmerized.

And Chris and I made sure to revel in that golden parenting moment – the one where our children’s reactions actually measured up to our own expectations.


14 thoughts on “When Toddler Dreams Come True.

  1. I SO LOVE THOMAS! My son (21 now) was SO EXCITED with Thomas when he was little. I think he had EVERYTHING there was. I love see the childrens’ faces with SUCH AWWWW. My son gave away ALL of his Thomas things once he grew out of them to a friends boy that didn’t have any but loved them. :) Thank you for gifting me with a sweet memory of my baby(umm) Boy.

  2. You were down in my neck of the wood seeing Thomas. It is so much fun…. I miss it now that my son thinks that he is too old for it….. you can never be too old for Thomas…..

  3. FUN!! Wasn’t that the best?! We were there last Saturday, too! I was thrilled since I grew up watching it as “Shining Time Station” with the miniature Mr. Conductor telling the stories to the kids about Thomas and the Island of Sodor. Good times. My Alex was beyond THRILLED, too!! It was his 2nd bday and I’m so glad we could get tickets this year! I wonder if we passed each other while basking in the glory of a Really Useful Engine. ;)

    And, yes, I do wonder about the humans… How do they NOT get in trouble for the confusion and delay the trains cause…. are they not driving the trains? Very confusing… LOL

    Here’s our post about our adventures with Thomas –

  4. My boys, who are 10 and 8, still ask to go to Day Out With Thomas, even though they have nothing to do with the toys, books, or show.

    I’m so glad you finally had the Day Out of your dreams!

  5. My son use to love Thomas when he was little. He even had a Thomas the train bday party when he was four, but the last time I took him on one of those train rides (it wasn’t Thomas in those days) I either got motion sickness or the worst stomach virus in my life!!

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