Breakfast is an early time of day to make decisions, but yet, so many decisions must be made.

Like which car to bring to breakfast.  It is best if they can match one’s pajamas.


Or for the ladies of the house, which of the crown jewels are most Breakfast-Appropriate.


Then there’s the food.  Some prefer day-old pancakes and hot dogs.  Others prefer artificially colored artificially flavored “fruit” cereal.


Moods swap manically.  From hungry and sleepy,


to sleepy and exceedingly alert.


But food is always king.


Until one remembers that there are sisters to bug.


Sisters have quicker reflexes than they appear.


But should always be re-tested.


Just keep your eye on the hand.


The ultimate key to a successful breakfast is defining the boundaries.


And then everyone can attain happiness.


(Even if she does hold onto a slight measure of cynicism.)




Oh dude.  This is yesterday’s milk.


Yeah. It totally is.

IMG_1192 Cropped

15 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: A Breakfast Portrait.

  1. It’s amazing how day after day it appears we must be living the same life. From poop in the tub to breakfast shenanigans. Oh and is that Noritake Colorwave blue dishware I see? Same stuff at my house – we must be kindred spirits. Love your blog!

    1. Yup! Although my poor Noritake is about to celebrate it’s 12th birthday. I’m trying to slowly replace it with my Aunt’s pottery…only bowls to go!

  2. Oh that is awesome. Love Ali’s reaction to Noah’s poking. Hilarious! And hot dogs and pancakes are a pretty awesome breakfast choice…although I had spaghetti leftovers this morning so I can’t say much! haha :)

  3. Eden happened to be sitting with me when I scrolled through this post. Her only comment, “Oh Good! She’s wearing a crown. I think every girl should wear a crown.”
    So there you have it…even at breakfast, crowns are appropriate!

  4. I should send a copy of this to my mom and tell her it’s exactly why I should’ve had a sibling! =) Only children have such dull lives.

  5. Love the re-design. And, I love that in this age where every other thing I do or say seems to not fit the new “good mom” rules, there you are feeding your child hot dogs and old pancakes. or were they waffles. Either way. Thank you. You’re real, and I love it!! :) Oh, and of course, your children are adorable. Love the crown to breakfast, makes me miss mine being so little!

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