I Like Taking Turns. And it is Yours.

So I was consumed all of last week with a very sick two-year-old.  Three doctor’s visits and one emergency room adventure because he has Croup and RSV, two nasty intruders who don’t play nicely together.

Croup RSV 1

And even though it seems like a middle-of-the-night emergency room visit alone with a toddler who can turn on and off his symptoms at will is just the kind of thing that would be oh-so-bloggable, I haven’t found it within myself to write it in anything less than tragic form.  And nobody comes to my blog thinking, “Oh! I do hope she wrote a tragedy today!”

So I didn’t exactly get any writing done last weekend.

But it’s all good, because today just so happens to be National Delurking Day – the fourth one I’ve celebrated, and one of my favorite holidays, because I get to find out all sorts of interesting things about you.

Because the problem with blogging is that I end up talking way too much.

Me me me me me me me…my kids my car my husband my butt my jeans my trips my food my denim skirts my failures my embarrassments my home catastrophes my crappy ideas my crappy craft projects my illnesses…you get the point.

I really get tired of the sound of my own voice.  Or keyboard.  Or whatever.

I would much rather hear from you – your comments, emails, feedback, interactions, additions to the story, and opinions.  I absolutely love getting to know you, and the relationships that I’ve formed with you are what makes it all worth it.

And although writing about myself all the time is totally egotistical and should not be encouraged, it’s a fact: I write MUCH better on weeks where you’ve been talking to me.

(I write even better on weeks where you’ve been talking to me and Noah doesn’t have Croup and RSV, but you can’t do anything about that, now can you?)

But today is my holiday, so it’s time to shut up.  It’s your turn to write.  Whether you comment on every post, comment once a month, comment once a year on this holiday, or have never commented before, below is your writing assignment – choose as many as you want to answer:

1.  Tell me about yourself.  Family, kids, weird quirks – whatever you would like for me to add to my mental folder with your name on it.

2. What state do you live in?  If someone were to visit your state, what should they see first?  And what’s the most interesting place you’ve ever visited or lived?

3. Who or what would you most love to blog about if you knew that they’d never read it?

(Okay – don’t answer this one if you think they might read it.  You can email me later.)

4.  What is your earliest childhood memory?

So there.  Write, people.  And know that I love you.