I gave Ali a new notebook the other day. In five-year-old girl terms, this is roughly equivalent to gifting her with a mansion on a private island in the Caribbean with an on-site Frozen Yogurt bar and all of the Disney Princesses as attendants.

Okay – maybe not that great. But very, very close.

She immediately set off to fill it with useful information.

I didn’t see the notebook again until it was completed two and a half days later. She proudly showed me her work – a comprehensive reference guide to all of the shapes in the entire world.

She covered the basics first.







(Yes, Helmet Hair is a basic shape.)

Then she moved on to the shapes of technology.




Technology and candy are of equal importance in a child’s life, so she covered that subject next.



And then – these. Thank goodness for the explanation.


Some shapes showed her father’s influence in her life,



And others her brother’s.


One shape gave a hint to the fact that perhaps there is a daring free spirit buried somewhere beneath her intensely careful, OCD façade.


There was also an all-important informational intermission.


A few more important shapes were notated,



And then there was this page.


And now all I can picture is an episode of Dora the Explorer where she wakes up with four detached lamb’s feet in her bed.

18 thoughts on “On Creating a Reference Guide.

    1. I am curious about that one. I don’t think she’s ever seen a page that says that. Is the need for a spelled out blank page innate within all humans?

  1. “imanim’s”!!! So adorable! I live the idea of giving blank notebooks to kiddos. Target has some in the dollar section and I think my girls would LOVE them.

  2. Hahaha! I wonder if she saw a VHS what would she call it? I grew up calling it a Video and when DVDs came out, just calling them DVDs. Also, what about a CD?

  3. Oh… thank you so much for sharing! I LOVE it and so do all the parents around my cube who heard me laughing out loud. ;-)

  4. With 2 little girls of elementary school age blank notebooks are a staple around here! I by them in sets of 4 at a time. The girls are always scribbling in them. They an nearly as coherent as your daughter’s though!

  5. That’s awesome! I love little kids writing. Especially when you can read it and see what they are thinking about. Ella and I did a journal back and forth for a while. She would write me, leave it on my nightstand and I would write her back. The only problem is how much to keep!

  6. Rachel you made me laugh out loud with the lambs feet. Yes it’s 5:30am (but it’s still funny) and I haven’t been to bed which is a lot your fault since I can’t quit reading your too cute blog. Love your writing like the photo post of your son screwing up his sisters birthday. Sorry he had to get sick to do it. And the Southern euphemisms – so funny to me being a Southern girl.

    Well I best get to bed but I can’t wait to come back and read more.

    Hugs…Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute.

    Hope you’ll stop by for a visit.

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