The last three days have comprised almost entirely of dealing with Monday’s Catastrophe, which ended up being far worse than I originally thought. 

But more on that later. 

At any rate, due to the around-the-clock wind tunnel created by two dehumidifiers the size of New Hampshire and six blowers with the noise volume of a rocket launch, my psyche has been weakened and my ability to write has been decimated, so I thought I’d share some videos instead. 

But fear not – I totally get that not everyone finds pleasure in watching videos of other people’s kids.  If you’re one of those people, I apologize with fervor and give you a fully approved excuse to come back another day.

Poor Noah.

Thanks to the addition of Ali’s Kindergarten into our lives, he’s really gotten the raw end of the blogging stick lately.

His pursuits of mischief have been broadcast for all to see, and his endearing moments have gone uncaptured.

Also, he might be in the beginning stages of the Terrible You-Know-Whats (also known as The Age That Cannot Be Spoken), so I may not have been as appreciative of his more adorable tendencies of late.

And finally, I had all kinds of awesome videos of Ali at this age (including my most favorite video ever, Axiomatically Bombastic), so I thought it only fair to show Noah’s cuter side.

His prayers aren’t to me, so I suppose it’s totally acceptable that I don’t understand them.

His animal sounds, which also prove that, although I’m not a truly good football wife, I do love my husband:

Evidence that the poor kid is going to be every bit as OCD as his parents and his sister:

Noah will agree to anything that might buy him a bit of sympathy.

He decided to learn how to jump on a day that he was wearing mismatched jammies and had previously spread bread crumbs all over the floor.

And finally, to prove that I am a horrible, no good, terrible, exploitative-of-my-children’s-unfortunate-pronunciation Mother:

He who didn’t laugh may throw the first stone.

13 thoughts on “Because He’s Cute.

  1. Love his little giggles! And there’s a very good reason we call it a juice pouch instead of a bag! Awesome, Noah! Stop growing so fast.

  2. Lol! So cute! My three year old had to explain to my hubby what Noah was saying in that last video and her pronunciation is very similar to Noah’s! :) I’m a sucker for cute kid videos. Keep ’em coming!

  3. So adorable! I was wondering how your whole bathroom to kitchen disaster was faring yesterday. So sorry! Do you ever wonder if this stuff happens to you because you are a blogger and it would just be a complete and total waste if it happened to, say, your neighbor instead? (I hope you don’t wonder seriously about that for too long ’cause I wouldn’t want you to quit!… Besides, with your urge to write your family would then probably soon be living in a house with 3 millimeter high scrawl filling all of the walls and any other write-on-able surfaces!)

    1. Yes, I think things DO happen to me because I’ll blog about them. Or perhaps I just turn every tragedy into a blog-for-therapy moment. At any rate, you’re right – at this point, I can’t quit. I’d feel half dead.

  4. Made my whole day. I am missing them so bad and do not know when I will be able to get away from here with all that is going on right now. Will know more next week.

  5. Huh, your nearly two year old can talk almost as well as my three year old:(
    In the process of trying to remember how old Noah is I found and reread the post detailing the fun of his birth. I am so glad I did not remind myself of that before my new baby was born.

    1. Yes, I haven’t gone back and reread it – and I don’t think I will for a while.

      He just all of a sudden took off on the talking thing – it happened very spontaneously!

  6. Cracking up! The jumping one is my fave – I love how he laughs at/to himself while he jumps :)

    I also love prayers…hilarious how it’s all gibberish until the “Amen”. For some reason that seems to be a world lots of kids learn early because I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard a kid pipe up with a loud “Amen!” after a prayer at church…always when it’s very quiet of course! So adorable.

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