If You Give a Blogger a Baby.

A guest soliloquy, by Noah.


If you are born to a blogger, chances are, she’ll be a total techy geek.

If she is a total techy geek, then she’s likely to encourage her children to be total techy geeks as well.

If she encourages her children to be techy geeks, then your older sister will probably have multiple computing devices.

If your older sister has multiple computing devices, then you will want to play with them while it is her turn.

If you want to play with your sister’s computing device while it is her turn, you will probably be told no.

If you’re told no at exactly the right moment of toddler impetuousness, you might choose to hit your mother.

If you choose to hit your mother, you might have the unfortunate luck to decide to do so in front of your mother’s father, who also happens to be your favorite person in the whole world.

If you have the unfortunate luck to decide to hit your mother in front of your mother’s father, who also happens to be your favorite person in the whole world, he might correct you with the deep, quiet, intimidatingly controlled voice of a 500 pound Grizzly Bear.

If he corrects you with the deep, quiet, intimidatingly controlled voice of a 500 pound Grizzly Bear, your lip might grow to the size of Omaha.





Don’t have a lip the size of Omaha.

Avoid being born to a blogger.

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  1. Oh my word Rachel, those pictures are too cute and this would make a cute book. I have read, “When you Give a Mouse a Cookie,” but this is Noah’s version.

  2. haha awww! Those Omaha lip pictures are too cute. Would I be that cute with an Omaha lip? If so, I’d like to request that my mom becomes a blogger.

  3. Oh, the lip! I had a lip like that when I was a kid. It usually made people forgive me right away, and bring me a cookie or something to try and make me feel better. But then again, I never hit my mother. ;)

  4. It must be hard to be so young… That lip on Noah is undeniably adorable. Whenever I pulled a pout like that, my mom would joke that it was the perfect place for a bird to land. I wouldn’t recommend that strategy though. It was always slightly alarming.

  5. debi Blaising says:

    I kept Noah in the nursery last week, and I’m happy to report that he was an absolute angel:) His little expressions and high pitched words cracked me up. I’m also happy to report than he didn’t hit anyone or take away any toys from the other toddlers. Of course they weren’t computing devices:) (He did, however, go to town on a plastic piece of corn…I think you have warned us about that:))

  6. So cute I can’t stand it.

  7. Such a great post! Those bluer-than-blue eyes and the Omaha lip are absolutely adorable. :)

  8. I used to poke my lips out like that when I was little and everyone would laugh at me and it would make me even more mad. My parents would say “Oh, let’s all ride to town on Wendy’s lips.”

    He looks so pitiful though, it would be hard not to sweep him up and give him what he wants. (I can say that cause he’s not mine :) ). And hurray for your dad sticking up for you. That’s awesome!

  9. I usually comment about how much Noah looks like your dad in his pictures but I am glad to say I have never seen your dad with his lip as big as Omaha:)!

  10. so sad! we have one that does that as well! melts me every time.

  11. That LIP. Oh my gosh. That’s a real crumbcatcher. ;)

  12. Oh my goodness, this is too cute!!

  13. HA! awesome. how in the world did you have the clarity of mind to take a photo after he hit you? wow. nice blog. i loved the lip.

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